Goalkeeper clothing xxxl

Hi all,

First post in here.

Currently in my 2nd season of MvF football playing in the Sheffield league and love it.

I play in goal which I really enjoy, however the weekly pounding on my hips and knees is taking its toll.

I bought some Adidas Tierro goalkeeper trousers in the largest size on offer 2xl, alas, they are too small (story of my life). Obviously the plan is to fit in these in the future and maybe even some XL ones one day :wink: but in the mean time I need something to save my hips from the weekly battering.

Have any fellow goalies been able to find any plus size padded shorts or trousers?

I tried the 4xl Sondico ones from a well known discount sports shop but they’re smaller than the 2xl Adidas ones I have.

I’ve looked at Rugby gear, American football gear and even considered butchering my old cricket thigh pads, but before I do that, I thought I’d reach out to the MvF goalies union for advice.

As a side note, Adidas make goalie shirts in 3xl which fit great, it’s a shame I can’t find bottoms to match.

Ellis (Blue Steel Rangers)

Good Morning Ellis

I hope you are well and staying safe.

Did you ever manage to find any?

Would be great to share amongst the lads the link if you did.

Looking forward to the football getting back under way again.

All the best.

Dan Church