Goals for 2020

Happy new year all!

I am a sucker for a new year’s resolution, even though I know they’re mainly a sack of shite designed to sell you Special K. That time I lost 5 stone started as a new year’s resolution so they can and do work - although the timing is a coincidence.

Sooo what are your goals for 2020?


  • stop mentioning that I once lost 5 stone :roll_eyes: I maintained it for a year but then life happened (baby, illness, etc) and I’ve put it all back on and then some. And looking back certainly doesn’t help.

  • this is lame but since seeing Frozen 2 twice over Xmas (see baby above) I’ve kept thinking about something one of the characters says - do the next right thing. I want this to be my philosophy for the year. The next right thing is to not eat an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s. The next right thing is to go for a walk and get off my arse. You get the idea.

  • Use my Fitbit more!

What are your goals?

I’ve set myself a target weight and a date to hit it by.
I know what works for now and I know what doesn’t so I just need to implement them again.

1 - Less booze. This leads to less crap being eaten too and better mornings with better activity. It’s going well so far.
2 - Stick to rule number No. 1.

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Ride London quicker than my wife did so in 2019.

1.As Emma said. Stop telling people I’ve lost 60lb. Settling on the past.
2.Goals are set for this year. Hope to be doing my parachute jump by the end of this year. 50lb to go.
3.Use MFP religiously as that’s helped me on my way
4. Support the boss on her journey.
That’s a start

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just be liked and respected by all the boys inside my league as I am by my friends and family outside it. :frowning:

Mine are

  1. stop waiting for t weight to fall off,he do something about it
  2. Be more disciplined
  3. Be more active in these groups with more accountability
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I like this one :joy: might be mine aswell + drink more water alone side!

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Get a promotion at work.

And that’s me done on Jan 3rd. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

  1. Lose another stone, poss stone and half.
  2. Stay fit ie injury free.

2 is almost more important than 1 as if/when I get injured (which can be quite often) its a 3-6 month job and low mood/boredom/comfort eating come into play.

I’ve set myself an objective weight and a date to hit it by.

I comprehend what works until further notification and I see what doesn’t so I fundamentally need to acknowledge them once more.