Good low calorie snacks to fight off hunger between breakie/lunhc/dinner etc?

What do you guys like or find useful to snack on to fight off hunger between breakie/lunch/dinner etc without crushing the cals? :slight_smile:

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When I’m behaving myself, I’ll go with a Grenade protein bar. Other bars are available, but I like the consistency and taste of these ones best.

My rationale: if I’m going to snack, then it needs to contribute towards my protein goal.

Also, they’re quite chewy, so they take a while to finish.

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That’s a fantastic strategy

Do you have a place you buy them from and in bulk ? I could do with something similar.
Or anyone else got recommendations and where to buy from , there not the cheapest buying singles .

Best places for bulk purchase bars


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Yep @Doctor_Bong my strategy is to stick with protein for snacking too. Recently tried the grenadebars from amzon. Found them a bit sweet. Just decided to go back to the myprotein ones.

@TonyC Make sure you check the nutition info on whatever you purchase. Some of them are loaded with calories/carbs as well as protein.


On a similar note, these guys just opened up on Berners Street in London W1. It’s 5 minutes from my office. All foods really well labelled, plus their own shakes.

I’ll give them a go one lunchtime next week.

I ordered some bars from MuscleFoods, but I also added a couple of their burgers and hache steaks as a try out. Very impressive; taste fantastic, super-lean, and great labelling.

What impressed me most was the fact that when I went to wash the grill pan, it was practically still clean. No fatty residues at all. Impressive.

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As per my previous post, I’m pretty impressed with these guys. I just got a referral code from them. If anyone orders from following this link, you get a freebie and so do I…apparently

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Really helpful discussion
Thank you <3