Good luck Team Kvass and Team Fream

We’ve got loads more guys up and running on MVFIA groups (all still losing I’m very happy to say).

Two more likely groups of winners who are going to be lesser men in 30 days. Good luck to you all!

Team Kvass
@TomEarp, @bigalster52, @Steven_Haasz, @larkini, @CosmicHerb70

Team Fream


Let’s see a five man team pull through and hit the cool fridge!

I’m going to tempt fate and say that Team Quantum will pull through as a five manner. I have no idea how many of us will lose weight though as we’ve not been weighing!

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Good luck everyone.
I’m going to try and be helpful and lose some more weight.
I’m hoping to get to 75kg by mid October- if I do that a bit early that’s fine!
gonna be tough though, Im now on holiday in Bavaria where the beer is excellent and then on to Italy where it’s all excellent!!