Good luck Team Math

Team Math as named by son #2 who is an Adventure Time fanatic.

@joeycallahan. @hig, @Doctor_Bong, @mick, @gut2go - the very best of luck to you all. If you stick with it we’ll find you in better health in 30 days time. What have you got to lose?


Go team go!

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I hope team math are not divided and subtract their starting weight and add to the MVF success story so we can multiply the number of members which overall equals a better stronger family


I hope them puns are only a fraction of what you can do.


As long as they avoid the Pi…


Anyone who fails will be taken out the equation because my mafia connections make me very mean when I am in Italian mode


Good luck Team Math. Go calibrate your scales, your about to do some major subtracting.

I think I may need to buy new scales - this morning the scales told me I put on nearly 1/2 kg in my sleep???

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Could be the scales - could also just be normal weight fluctuation from day-to-day.

@gut2go - don’t forget to click on this link as this is your where all of your group threads will appear and @Hig is currently introducing himself to himself :slight_smile:

I’m feeling a bit lonely :wink:

Try making sure you put the scale in the exact same position on the floor every day. A few inches different can make a huge difference. There is a blob of paint on mine, to make positioning easy first thing in the morning, when I haven’t got my glasses on.