Goolkeeper training /advice


Hi guys,

This is a bit of a strange one, I have done man vs fat for 2 seasons now in the Strood league now moving into my 3rdb. I have now been made captain of a team and am in a team that has no one who has any previous experience in goal or can claim to be OK in goal, or even interested in playing in goal. Except me I don’t mind playing in goal but am more a taibi then your cech’s in goal and am looking for some advice on the following really ;

Any one in other leagues not have a regular keeper and take it in turns, if so how do you do operate this? How do you get on week in week out?

Second one if I was to nominate myself to go in goal anyone that plays in any league got any advice on how I could train to be a good gk (only asking cos I am very competative and want to do my best) and has any one know of any drills I could do on my own to get better at being in goal and consequently help me in my weight loss journey doing my own training session




Hey Alex,
Been in a similar situation. Just finished our 3rd season as a team. For season we had an injured player who went in goal and was actually really good, so was great until he left at end of season 1. For season 2 we swapped round keepers every 5 minutes during matches to give everyone a fair amount of time on the pitch.
This created an issue as no one really wanted to go in and it also knocked momentum on the pitch too. Some people ended up being in goal for longer than others, which isnt good for morale. It didnt work for us as a team, but im sure there are some teams it works for.
Start of season 3, I decided to go in goal. I used to play in goal when younger and enjoyed it. The good thing is all the other players are happy they dont have to go in and keeps the momentum on the pitch.
In terms of drills and getting better, my advice is to get practice in. Face shots, play in other games and leagues in goal, just like anything, more you do it, more you get used to it. Search for agility and reflex training. Losing weight and getting quicker will also help.
Good luck in your choice and season.



Cheers Mike thanks for that I really appreciate it. I will look up tips. Yh 1st season we all took it turns didn’t make us that great on the pitch cos we end up sometimes with our best players in goal as it was their ‘turn’ as I thought I don’t other much on the pitch other then popping up with a few Robbie fowler poached goals I don’t offer much else. It’s hard to get in other games as only just moved to my area so don’t know many people. I have put a thing in a local fb page to see if any fellow keepers in the area can help but going to have to delete the post as people are just being rude on the post. Will deffo look up agilety drills and reflex drills.


As a league we have additional friendly games, maybe worth seeing if your league has this or you could look at setting it up?
What to also consider is that we’re all here to lose weight, winning is good and im as competitive as the next person but weightloss is the main thing. So don’t worry about your ability, just try your best on the pitch and lose your weight, thats what counts.


Hi Alex,

I’m just about to start my first season with MVF but by position I am a goalkeeper. Over my time and playing I trained alot also with drills you could buy a crazy rebounder where you throw the ball on at different angles and help with catching and diving but also it’s good exercise so loose weight aswell. Anything else I have a few more drills you could try just give me a shout.




Nick please would be much appreciated I would like that a lot it been a position I am interested in but never been good at it.


If you got friends or family get them to help but I use the rebounder but I also turn and someone will kick the ball past me onto the rebounder and I gotta dove to save it. Do high balls to catch and do driven shots to use your knee and leg as protection. There’s so many when I get home from work if you tell me what you need help on I will flick through you tube and copy and paste some drills to help you out



Nick can I pick your brains I have found this rebounder didn’t know if it looks like it would do the job

Just don’t want to spend loads on it that is all.

Thanks alex

#9 I found this video very helpful when I was really getting into my goalkeeping first season of man v fat in Leyton give a look!

Also if you can try and get some of your teammates or people from other teams to take shots at you as it will get your reflexes and positional senses up to scratch!

Best thing i think I can say is to not to get discouraged if you don’t save all the shots it happens and is part of the game! Always try to learn from different kinds of goals you concede and think about what you could do better and try it!

Another bit of advice I like to pass down is to be very vocal of where you want your defenders to be posistioned and where the opposing is coming in I.e if there team have someone coming on the left wing shout “left shoulder coming!” And hopefully your defender can intercept and possibly not concede a goal for your team

Being a goalie can be a lonely job but it’s fun too making great saves! We are a very under appreciated kind and a good goalie can make a team great!

Hope this helps mate! Good luck with your season and shed those pounds :muscle:t5:


Yeah that’s perfect Alex I got mine off Facebook market place it’s just something to help with catching and diving so you can get use to the positions you need to be in


Each player does half a game once every month or so (depending on your team numbers).

If it’s your turn to play in goal, you play the full match and don’t have to sub (unless you want to).

This is how we play and it works. IMO, switching GK every 5mins wastes so much time, putting on gloves etc.


I’m a goalie , I’m not sure about what drills to do but when in goal the key is too make yourself big … yes really … even bigger then.

Come out a little and narrow the angle and make them work to score a goal , make them hit the corners.

If someone is 6 yards out and smashing the ball at the goal there is often very little you can do if they hit it low into the corner , one tip from me is to have your arms away from your body ready because you will often have no time to move them towards the ball …and it’s just a game of blocking the shot.

Sometimes when they are clean through you have to gamble one way or another …


Good advice! :call_me_hand:t5:


Hey guys thank you so much for all your advice and help. We managed to get a keeper after I added this post.