Got 7 minutes to spare?

Got 7 minutes to spare? Here’s me revealing the journey I have been on since January 2018… to #change

I`ve created my victory thread after playing in the MvF tournament at SGP - and I have another video (my diary of season 1) in the works. Hopefully this gives everyone some perspective on my journey. Enjoy…

Any comments would be much appreciated.

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You’ve done well. And it was nice to meet you for the grudge match at SGP lol

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Cheers mate, appreciated.
Yeah likewise - dare I say it feels like I met a celeb as you’re quite well known (in a good way) on the forums, so keep that up! lol.

Good luck with your upcoming arrival btw! :+1:t5:

Ha ha, I’m just a gobshite tbh. Say what I think, heart on sleeve & all that. Just ask the @admin :joy::joy::joy:

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