Got friends signed up but need more info


Hi. this is probably in the wrong section but i am having trouble navigating this website. Need someone to give me a little insight on what happens when friends use my link to join. I am starting my second season in the STROOD league this month and have a couple of friends already filled in the application to join. they both got the email stating confirmation and thanks for joining and have not heard what happens next. As my league is about to start registration on MONDAY 7th Jan. They was wondering what the next step for them will be. I understand there is a waiting list but they havent even been told that yet. can anyone help? Cheers.


It’s normally down to your league coach to make contact. Have you got him on whatsapp?


Hello @tyrob - Your coach @Louislou will be contacting players on the waiting list in the order in which they’ve registered onto this league. He will do this to replace the players who have left the league from their successful first season. I can’t tell you when you will be contacted, but that’s the process in which any player gets to be added into a team within a league.


Thanks for the help. will pass that info onto my friends.