Got So Close and Yet

I Started piling it back on again.

I managed to get myself down from 125kg to 89.7kg with 85.0 being my target weight. So dam close right?
But with old bad habits slipping back in I went back up to just over 100 and am making efforts to regain the downward trend again. I am hovering around 97/98 at the moment and I am just thinking about…

What I did so well to lose all the weight?
How did I lose my mojo?
What can I do to restart it?

I know what works and what doesn’t work, just wondering how/why I started slipping again and what to do about it. It’s like a jigsaw I nearly finished and then someone (me) has gone and mixed up all the pieces and maybe hidden a few too.

Has anyone else found them so close only to lose sight? Anyone else in the same boat?

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Need to call on those experienced heads if they check in. Give them a tag see whose lurking. @CRS1965 @Adrian @JLHS @ilpirata are some of who I remember hit the goals. Might get them to check in. Maybe look at your posts from the time you lost see how it went and what drove you. Come a long way buddy

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I’m still a long way from hitting my target but it seems that a lot of people would benefit from either staying in the challenge threads and just trying to maintain, or setting up separate threads for maintenance so they can trade tips etc.

I simply track every day. Think when I hit the target I might still do that.

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I am almost exactly in the same boat today. At 97kg, need to get down to 85kg. I haven’t been under 93 for probably six years…

I guess it all comes down to good habits that are maintained. Weight is just the product of your eating and exercising habits, so really in a way it’s not about the number per-se it’s about your actions, routines, activities. Coming back on here has to be a great first step to get back on track!

I was 125kg, April 2016, registered Oct 2016 at 115.7kg. Few seasons of MvF football. Now go between 86 kg to 88kg.
Target of 80kg, 5 foot 11 inches tall.

I must admit to being the same - bouncing between a max of 16st 240lbs down to a minimum of about 14st 210lbs with a target of 13.5
For me it’s stopping the weekly weigh ins and calorie counting that starts the slippery slope

I think I got really complacent. That with being thrown off by people telling me to eat more (I wasn’t under eating) and that I didn’t need to lose anymore weight.
All my own fault though - I should have just stayed focused.
I also thought that if had exercised well in the day, I could enjoy a few (3-4-5-6) cans of beer in the evening, and then the crisps and then this and then that. It’s quite good looking at what went wrong though. I feel back on it again.

Hi mate. late reply as I haven’t been on the site for a while. Sorry to hear you put some back on. Have slipped a bit myself. Went from 146Kg down to a low of 98Kg but currently at 108Kg.

Been wondering the same things myself. Its not been a bad slip but basically:

  • I relax because I’ve acheived something and deserve to relax. e.g. last year went on holiday
  • I only loose when I’m actively trying to do so and work at it full time.
  • I’ve kept up with the exercise and my fitness is still improving. This progress somehow tells my brain that things are okay.

I’m just back from holiday and getting back into things (Today is day 2). The longer the break from loosing the harder it is mentally to get back in to it. I think there’s all sorts of factors come into play. e.g.

  • The praise and encouragement from others comes at the wrong time. i.e. You need more encouragement later on, but at that time people are telling you how much better you look.
    Heading back to where you’ve already been is pretty miserable. Nothing like the early days of dieting where all weight loss is new.
  • To me I think somethings have to be an all or nothing. Whether your weakness is drink, cake, crisps or chocolate I think its easier to make them an exceptional indulgence rather than to try to have them under controlled conditions.