Got told I look good last month

So my sister’s, very attractive friend, told me she thought I looked good. This all happened last month, but I forgot to post it here till just now.

This is the second compliment I’ve gotten about my looks, since I started losing weight. And…I think its the third positive comment of my entire life. I call that a victory. Anyone else?


Not so much of a compliment but a customs officer at Birmingham airport needing to do a double take against my passport photo made me feel good.

Was at the customs office in uae leaving the country and the two guys behind the counter had a obvious discussion in Arabic about the difference in my face and my passport photo. That was a few months ago

My brother (a gym manager) told me a couple of weeks ago that I look normal now, which for me was a compliment. Also, last night, I went to pick up an Indian takeaway (yeah, I know) and the man there who knows me said he could see a massive difference…I said, that’s cos I’m not coming in here as much! :rofl::rofl:

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The other day my advisor person, who i dont see v often, said she noticed id lost more weight. Tbh i thought it was abit suprising cos like theyr there in a professional thingy so it was abit of a personal comment. So at 1st i thought she mite of meant she was worried about me like i wasnt well or not eating properly. Then i thought get real im still overweight so its probs not that. But perhaps she was just tryna make conversation, dunno. Didnt rly dig, just muttered summit about the gym. U get all sorts of reactions i suppose :man_shrugging:t4:

I get it a lot and I still don’t know what to say. Got the normal one recently too, wasn’t sure how to take it even though I knew it was meant well.

Omg what a thing 2 say some1 , cheek of it ‘normal’ :hushed:

Nah, it wasn’t meant in a bad way, the woman who said it is absolutely lovely. I get what she means though, I used to stand out big time but now I don’t.

Ah well i suppose if u kno the person u can get there meaning better thats cool