Grimsby on the MVF map.... 😊



I’m just re assessing new gyms after deciding to leave Pure Gym for a leisure centre (basically because I’m unemployed and need a concessions membership :unamused:) … And also because Pure don’t offer swimming pool and sauna facilities…

And then this popped up on the screen of the Lincs Inspire website!

Superb to see some local awareness, and has cemented my decision to rejoin.


i had my first weigh in last night. lost 7lb. so happy with that. however football was not so good. as suspected there where some very young fit lads. fast and strong and the quality of football was very high. the football side is not for somebody out of shape. i know that sounds ridiculous to say, but you need to be in reasonable or good condition to compete. its competitive and aggressive. (not in a nasty way) i met an old mate down there and he said the same as me. we thought it was a few older fat guys tottering around and hoping to lose a few pound. as per the tv and you tube adverts. nah. nothing like it. its full on competitive football. so be weary. brilliant for weight loss but its not for the feint hearted


You’ll be running rings around em @johnwittyuk soon enough mate. If not, just start chopping a few ankles :grin:


I just joined the Grimsby manvfat football and went for a quick look tonight.

Apparently I might get into a team next week - here’s hoping.


Good luck getting on @ShaneJ

I saw a big human size MVF poster at the Grimsby Leisure Center entrance tooba few weeks ago, a few peeps go there so I reckon there will good interest! Enjoy…