Hair loss and weight loss

Okay, I might be overreacting a bit, but here goes…

In the past few weeks I have been noticing losing some hair, and while I know that it happens anyhow I just feel that the amount has increased since I started actually losing weight. I was just wondering could these two be somehow connected?

It’s my weight I want to lose - not my hair!

If you are eating the correct balanced diet the you should be getting the nutrients you need for heathy hair growth.
Hair grows in three stages. The hair cycle consist of anagen, catagen and telogen.
Anagen is when its actively growing at the root. Catagen is when it stops growing and still works it way to the surface of the scalp as if still growing. Telogen is when the hair has fallen out ant the follicle is resting untill the process starts all over again.
The cycle lasts 2 to 6 years in the average adult. Sometimes the Catagen phase happens to a lot of single hair shafts at the same time and your hair could appear noticibly thinner. When the Telogen phase has ended and new growth starts in the Anogen stage again. Hair grows at half an inch a month so it will be 3 months before the hair is an inch long after falling out three months earlier.
I’m writing this from memory of a class I took 21 years ago. So you might like to google it to find out what multi vitamins you should make sure are in you diet for strong healthy skin, hair and teeth. We all want to look the best we can when we are beach body ready :slight_smile:

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I can’t remember things I learned 15 minutes ago, that’s impressive!

And what Jack said is spot on - if your diet is focused on healthful foods then you should actually notice your hair gaining body.

If you’re really going heavy on the calorie deficit then that can cause all sorts of negative reactions. Might be time to re-do the and see if you’re eating at the right TDEE…

Okay, I’ll do some research on that, thanks a lot!

And you’re absolutely, we really do want to look the part when that time comes! Many might go with the bald look, but I am not sure that’d work for me that well, so I’d prefer not to make such a drastic change unless it’s the only option left. Still better than having spotty hair only!

3 step solution:

1.shave head
2.get jacked & ripped
3. win @ life


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Here in the UK “jacked” has a drug connection to needles. What does it mean in America?

haha, I’m British :blush:

But in the fitness circle it means extremely muscular & lean lol

I’m eating pretty well at the moment but losing hair like crazy :wink:

@admin are you really replying on a hair growth thread haha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The cheek!

Hence why I kept out of this conversation lol I’m losing my hair quicker than I’m losing the weight lol

Hormonal imbalance is also one of the reasons for hair loss.

Usually when you start losing weight you have some hair loss because when we are in the process of losing weight our body starts to release heat. And due to which this hair loss problem occurs. But if you are suffering from extreme hair loss I think you should see a doctor.

I’m not a doctor but I’m certain that that’s bollocks.



Is that a medical term😀

But I haven’t lost any hair from my bollocks.