Halloween Challenge - Week 1

Right, gents. Tomorrow it begins. I’ve set up a weigh in thread to get us started.

Use this thread to track daily, weekly, or however you want to. There’s no bind and you can use this thread to help yourselves and others stay motivated.

I’ll be tracking as follows so use this template if it makes it easier for you:


My goal for the 11 weeks is to lose at least 1lb a week, so I’ll be aiming for 11lbs lost by 31st October.

Good luck, fellas.

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Morning all, currently weighing in at 128.7kg, I’ll be posting on both this challenge and my other thread every day. I haven’t set myself a goal in terms of how much I want to lose in the 11 weeks. Instead I’m going to target my approach and hope that successful weight loss is the by-product.

I’m starting with a limit of 2200 calories a day, I will also be starting a new weightlifting program.

My main aim in this challenge is to find some consistency so if I have a slip up not to let a 2500 calorie day turn into a 3000 and not to let one bad day turn into two or more. Until yesterday (when I went over) I’d managed 8 days of good dieting on the trot so I’m going to be pushing to get beyond that record.

Best of luck everyone!

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Morning, gents. Weighed in at 266.75lbs this morning which is 7lbs up on my last weigh in on Tuesday. Had a massive cheat day yesterday so it’s nothing to worry about, just need to make sure I don’t continue it.

Let’s get this going, looking forward to getting stuck back in after a long break.

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Kicking this off with monday’s weight of 230.60lbs, will be dropping to 1kg a week allowance on LoseIt from today, which will give me just under 1800 calories a day. Probably not the best day to start as it’s the little one’s birthday & everything that goes with that. Have walked 60000 steps over the past 4 days between work, dog walks & football so today will also be a bit more lethargic. :smile:

The goal by halloween is to be below 220 & as close to 210 as I can be hopefully… long term vision of under 200 by Christmas.


Hi all

110 kg starting weight for me. Will try for just under a kilo a week (2 pounds per week).
First two weeks will include a four day trip with friends which may knock me of slightly but will try to minimise the damage.

Today, have already got 13k steps in

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: beef and veg stirfry (home made)
Dinner: unfortunately starting off on a family birthday, so a small slice of birthday cake. But that will be it for today.

Glad got be onboard this Halloween marathon!

Kay Ray


Is it possible for me to weigh in on a Monday or Tuesday? Well up for this but don’t have reliable scales at home so will do it on football day.

why not weigh yourself on Tuesday, post it here on Thursday?

I don’t see the problem with me just putting the date as Tuesday rather than Thursday? I’d rather just tell you guys if I’ve had a good week

Sounds good to me, I just meant if you wanted to report on the same date as everyone else, but whatever works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Do what you want, mate. I’d rather this be easy for everyone so it’s more inclusive.

B: Overnight oats with banana and strawberries.
L: Cheese salad.
D: Mac and cheese, garlic bread, peas.
S: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich.
E: Over 13k steps.
W: Over 5 litres + 2 alcohol free beers + black decaf coffee.

After birthday cake and stuff, my average for the past 4 days has pushed back up to 2600 a day.

Sneak peek from Monday’s weight and still over a pound down… 229.28lbs now.

Picked up overtime so working the next 5 days from tomorrow, so kind of tempted to leave the allowance as 2300 a day but try to go lower any day that I feel I can.

Makes sense?

Good day yesterday, stuck to my calorie goals and did the weights exercises I’d planned. Good start to the challenge. Heading up to Goodison tomorrow for Everton Watford so need to work out how to fit in the traditional pre match chips and curry sauce!

I’ll be there as well, mate!

Not a great day, no idea of calories. Tomorrow will be a better day!

B: N/A
L: Pizza pastry & Nutella, peanut butter and banana wrap.
D: Vegetable curry, rice, onion bhaji, poppadom.
S: Dry roasted nuts, peanut bar, rice cakes.
E: Couch to 5k week 6 run 2.
W: Over 7 litres.

A smidge over today. Considering I treated myself to a doughnut in Gregg’s as we were out today :grin: and I had a nice chicken & vegetables in spicy sauce with rice as well as a chocolate orange creme, I’ll take that.*

*and Brannigan’s crisps, some more birthday cake from yesterday…

Morning all, after a very sleepless night courtesy of the baby I’m now getting up ridiculously early on a Saturday to make it up to Liverpool. Yesterday was a good day again, stuck to my calorie goals, didn’t get too much exercise in so that may be something I can improve if the weight isn’t coming off over the next few weeks

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I’ve got a lot on this weekend which will include eating and drinking a lot so I actually have no plans to track what I’m eating. I’m gonna start this on Monday lads.

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Go for it, lad. Enjoy your weekend.

Factor in 15,000 steps today too…

Not a great day, playing 11 a side in Norwich tomorrow so hopefully burn it all off and a bit more!

B: 4 scrambled eggs, 3 toast, 3 tomatoes, sriracha hot sauce.
L: Bombay vegetable pie, Twix Extra.
D: Wicked Kitchen wrap, Hula Hoops, Double Decker Duo.
S: Crumpet with marmalade, Popchips, rice cakes.
E: N/A
W: Over 6 litres + black decaf coffee.