Halloween Challenge - Week 11

Managed a maintain this week, not happy, not overly concerned. Will try for a big push next week.

B: 2 fried eggs, tomatoes, beans, bread roll.
L: Falafel and hummus salad, soup.
D: Halloumi fries, mac and cheese, chips, broccoli.
S: Yorkie protein bar, 2 orange Twirls.
E: Over 13k steps.
W: Over 7 litres + 5 alcohol free beers.

B: 2 fried eggs, tomatoes, beans, bread roll.
L: Potato and egg salad, 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, salt and vinegar chickpeas, apple and peanut butter pot.
D: Vegan brunch pot, Popchips, rice cakes.
S: Chocolate brownie, 2 Celebrations chocolates, Pringles.
E: N/A
W: Over 7 litres.

B: N/A
L: N/A
D: Wicked Kitchen wrap, Sunbites, Kind bar.
S: 1/2 egg sandwich, 1/2 mozzarella and tomato wrap.
E: 40 minute cycle.
W: Over 6 litres + 6 alcohol free beers.

Snacks were at 3am waiting for a cab. Back on it! :muscle:t2:

B: 1.5 English muffins, 3 poached eggs, hollandaise, spinach, 3 hash browns, 2 toast.
L: Yoghurt, granola and fruit compote.
D: Wicked Kitchen wrap, salt and vinegar chickpeas, white chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups.
S: 1/2 chocolate bar, lemon drizzle cake.
E: Over 23k steps.
W: Over 6 litres, sugar free Irn Bru, 2 decaf black coffees.

B: 2 fried eggs, beans, tomatoes.
L: Falafel and hummus salad.
D: Seitan burger, salt and chilli fries.
S: N/A
E: Over 12k steps.
W: Over 6 litres, black decaf coffee, sugar free Irn Bru, diet Coke.

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Great work mate, keep it up!

Gain of 3lbs, taking me to a total loss of 13.25lbs. After a tough few months mentally, I’ll take that.

All the best, lads.


Loss this week 1.5lb, making a total of nearly 7lbs for the the challenge.

Better result than I’ve had for most challenges whilst consuming more calories this time around… :slight_smile:


Start again on tuesday with a Christmas challenge? Be only 7 weeks then…

I’m in

Probably won’t.