Halloween Challenge - Week 2

Not weighed in yet but here’s the tracking thread for week 2. How did you all get on? Hoping to see some good losses!

7.25lbs down but there’s a reason… on the Wednesday last week, I inhaled a massive Chinese takeaway and a big bar of chocolate so this is mostly fluid retention and the 3lbs of Chinese food. :joy:

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I started today so clocked in at 99.2kg. I want to hit 88 so I have a lot to do, just over 1.1 a week.

Gained 1.54lbs.

Well it wasn’t a lack of movement that caused the issue… had quite a carby week, so we’ll trim down to 1800 calories & cut the carbs a little to eradicate some water retention.

The work trousers are already loose without a belt so not concerned at present.

It’s all trial & error with this new routine.

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Got my starting weight down on the weigh in thread - raring to go.

I am exactly the same weight as I was a week after we finished the pancake day challenge, 5.5 months ago. Which is an achievement in itself. Been trying to kick on from there, but I lose a pound 1 week then put it back on… and repeat.

My challenge is to now improve my diet so I consistently eat well long term. Not just a good meal or half day here and there. Then the weight will come off, and health should improve too

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To be fair, today we decided to go to Tynemouth, taking the little one to the aquarium.

After that, we walked through to Cullercoats then Whitley Bay, stopping there for a spicy chicken burger with salt & chilli chips followed by butterscotch ice cream. That was lunch & dinner combined at 4pm as hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

Then we walked on to Monkseaton station. Tbh thought today wouldn’t even hit 5,000 steps & currently at nearly 12,000 steps.

Edit: will be over 16,000 steps when I get back from a quick dog walk…

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Missus wanted pizza and chips for her dinner, but I didn’t cave in and join her. I made an omelette with salad for instead :astonished::grin: well chuffed with myself!


Gave into temptation with a big bag of M&Ms and a bag of corn nuts, not sure why. 1,000 calories I didn’t need so will aim for 1,400 for the rest of the week to make up for it.

B: N/A
L: Falafel salad with croutons, yoghurt and granola.
D: Jackfruit wrap, two sweet potato and onion bhajis, stuffed vine leaves.
S: M&Ms, corn nuts.
E: Over 15k steps.
W: Over 9 litres.

Summary of my day: Exercise = good. Eating = bad.

Gym weights sesh this morning plus 3 x 25 min walks. Started well with porridge for brekkie and protein shake mid morn. Soup for lunch but then went downhill from there. Magnum, cadbury buttons amongst other things

Dropped the allowance finally.
Came in under for the day, just!

Hit 10,000 steps, lower than most of this week but the average for the past 7 days is just over 15,000 a day.

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B: N/A
L: N/A
D: 1/2 pizza, grilled halloumi wrap, baked fries.
S: Nuts and crisps.
E: Over 19k steps.
W: Over 4 litres, alcohol free beer, fizzy orange.

Not a great day but was out for all of it and tried to stay relatively healthy.

B: Porridge with Blueberries
L: chicken pizza
D: 1/2 sausage sandwich, small pack hula hoops, 3 squares dark choc
S: a.m. Nothing. p.m. Protein bar, half banana
A: 25 min dog walk plus walking round shopping centre for several hours!

Not the best but I enjoyed it!

B: N/A
L: Falafel salad with croutons.
D: Burrata with ciabatta, sweet potato and butternut squash curry with rice, onion rings, garlic mushrooms, mini chocolate cake with ice cream.
S: Peanut bar, protein flapjack.
E: Couch to 5k week 6 run 3 (over 14k steps).
W: Over 6 litres + 2 alcohol free beers + diet coke.

Met up with my cousin and her fella, would’ve been rude not to indulge. Happy I smashed Couch to 5k, it was a 25 minute run and it hurt! Might have a go at the next one tomorrow if I’m not in too much pain.

B: N/A
L: 2 boiled eggs, falafel and hummus wrap, protein flapjack.
D: Paneer curry with vegetables, vegetable summer roll.
S: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, Magnum ice cream.
E: Over 14k steps.
W: Over 6 litres + 3 pints Pepsi Max + pint of lime and soda.

Checked the scales this morning had dropped 2.2lbs since Thursday morning. Whether that was simply water retention disappearing remains to be seen.

Anyway, calorie allowance reduced accordingly.
Not a bad day today, considering a day off & a bank holiday.

B: porridge with sliced/microwaved apple
L: tiger roll with 25g 30% less fat cheddar & cherry tomatoes. Packet of Seabrook lamb & mint crisps.
D: mackerel salad, rhubarb & vanilla yogurt
S: 70g Walkers baked (beetroot & sweet chilli jam flavour -packet shared in half with missus basically) & half a bag of juicy chew sweets.
W: plenty, it’s been a hot day!

This does mean that nearly 900 of my calories were crisps, snacks & sweets. Lot of room for improvement there to be fair, we’ll take that on tomorrow.

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Keeping it light before weigh day, also bought some 40" (stretch waist) jeans… started out at 60"!

B: N/A
L: N/A
D: Crustless quiche with salad.
S: Snickers protein bar, Trek protein chunks.
E: N/A
W: Over 7 litres.

Can expect the water to be higher by the end of the day.

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Having a shocker of a BH weekend. Pizza, pie, chips, chocolate, ice cream, bread, crisps, couple of beers… all over the past 3 days :sleepy:

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Hopped on the scales yesterday and I’m 0.5 up. I’ll take that as it’s been a VERY boozy bank holiday weekend pretty much every day. I’ve been drinking beer all weekend and not tracking my food, and the week before wasn’t great either as I knew I was going to have this big weekend, but if you can’t enjoy yourself on a bank holiday when can you? :laughing:

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Much better day so far today. Weight sesh at the gym earlier, despite the heat and been on 2 x 25 min walks too. Eating has been average but have healthy chicken dinner planned for tonight and snack for later this afternoon set aside is an apple.

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Bit less junk calories today, not often that it exactly matches the allowance.

Bed soon as another 5am alarm beckons, so that’s me done for the day.