Halloween Challenge - Week 3

2 down, 9 to go. I’ll weigh in shortly and update. Good luck, lads.

Up 5lbs… that’ll be the junk food the last two days. Be gone next week.


Very slight loss for me this week. Had a few good days either side of a bad BH weekend packed full of family visits, takeaway and meals out

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17,000 steps today already, knew it would be a high one today. Out looking for inspiration for the other half’s birthday gifts & resisted the fast food outlets…

Better day, messed up with the corn nuts though, over 400 calories I didn’t need or enjoy.

B: N/A
L: Halloumi flatbread, giant cous cous, salad.
D: Falafel salad.
S: Corn nuts, peanut butter, protein flapjack.
E: Over 15k steps.
W: Over 9 litres.

Nearly 4lbs down from the last reported weight.
Probably was water retention.

(2.42lbs down for the 2 weeks overall.)


So apart from the last 2/3 days, it’s been 2300 calories a day since 22nd July… no jogging, only played 4 football matches in that time & none since 13th August… and have actually lost 7.7lbs overall, more than 1lb a week.

Quite happy despite the more food, less exercise aspect… missing football but of course it’s the holiday season so not everybody has been available.

Of course, it isn’t less exercise because of work but now it feels like I’m not really trying!

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Not checking in much but working hard in this…
22nd August: 99.2kg
29th August: 98.0kg



B: 2 hash browns, 2 fried eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, 2 toast.
L: Cheese and onion roll, slice of pizza.
D: Dominos large pizza, 3/4 garlic pizza bread, wedges, 2 cookies.
S: Chocolate croissant, roasted peanuts, chocolate brownie.
E: Over 13k steps.
W: Over 7 litres, 2 alcohol free beers, decaf coffee.

Back on it tomorrow?

2200 calories today, but 16000 steps walked.
It would have been under 2000 but decided on a stir fry after finishing work at midnight.

I’m fine with that tbh.

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I’m late to the party but really need some motivation. I will go do the walk of shame to scales shortly.

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Wow that was worse than I expected. 295lb. Time to start taking this seriously

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Stick it on the weigh in thread, mate, good to have you with us - let’s get some of it shifted with you!


B: Garlic pizza bread, 3 crumpets with Biscoff spread.
L: 1/2 medium Dominos pizza.
D: Lentil dahl, broccoli, corn on the cob.
S: 2 toffee yoghurts with chocolate hoops, 6 Biscoff biscuits, cheese and onion toastie, Dairy Milk buttons ice cream, 2 cheese and onion crisps, Cadbury Heroes.
E: N/A
W: Over 9 litres.

New month starting tomorrow, time to give my head a wobble and get back on it.

Would have been about 2300 calories today if I ignored the cider. At a party, start again tomorrow. :grin:

B: 3 crumpets and 1 toast with Biscoff spread.
L: Cheese and onion pie, chips with mayo, Twix extra.
D: 2 vegan burgers, fried onions and cheese, 4 vegetable fingers, salad.
S: Pringles, Uglies cookies, McCoy’s Muchos, M&Ms bar.
E: N/A
W: Over 7 litres + 4 alcohol free beers.

Weighed in on Tuesday at 18st 6lbs… weighed in tonight at 20st 0.75lbs. It’ll all be fluid and the shit food still inside me but it’s a massive wake up call after a good few days eating everything.

Back on it tomorrow, feel free to abuse me if I stray. :joy:

Ok lads I’m now in. Starting off today at 261.1 up 6 from my lowest over 5weeks ago but 9 down since I came back from holidays. Just in from a walk in the heat. 38 degrees but felt much hotter.
Aim is 240 by Xmas or lower but I’ll look at 250 or below by Halloween. Big weekend coming up with bday and ufc then in Abu Dhabi.

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Welcome aboard.

Just had a stack of fruit and an Alpen light bar for my lunch.

Tonight is chicken and mushroom curry and rice. All within my allowances.

Today is a no booze day for me

Back in the zone, just need to not eat anything for the next 4 hours and job’s a good’un.

B: N/A
L: Wicked Kitchen wrap, protein flapjack, 10cal jelly.
D: 3 Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages, 2 potato waffles, 3 scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, cucumber, salad.
S: 2 bananas, Fage yoghurt, peanut butter.
E: N/A
W: Over 7 litres + 2 alcohol free beers.

Feeling better already and I’m hoping the motivation stays with me up until Christmas at least. I know it won’t, but I’ll have to find the discipline for when the motivation drops.

Back on it again. Had a couple of boozy weekends (Bank holiday weekend and this one just gone). I drank a lot but was still sensible in the week. Not sure how but I’ve managed to lose a kilo (just over 2lb). Planning on doing my weekly shop today so bring on the healthy food.

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