Halloween Challenge - Week 7

Posting this while it’s in my head… good luck with weigh in, I’ll be recording my final gain of the group as it was a terrible week and the focus has returned it seems.

All the best, gents.

+5lbs… knew it was coming, know what I’ve done wrong, know what to do. Still a loss overall but that start weight was artificially high so in 7 weeks I’ve not really done much. Last month to get a solid loss in the bag!

Just me left?

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, nutty cocoa bircher muesli.
L: Wicked Kitchen wrap, Walkers baked crisps.
D: 1/2 large Dominos pizza, 1/2 garlic pizza bread, 2 cookies.
S: Vegan chocolate bar, salt and vinegar chickpeas.
E: Over 24k steps.
W: Over 6 litres + 4 alcohol free beers, decaf black coffee.

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Just back from a few days away. Ate quite a lot but didn’t drink much at all, and did plenty of walking.

Gym in the morning. I’ve definitely put on weight this past couple of weeks. Looking forward to shifting that and more over the next few weeks with a big push

Good to see you back, mate.

B: 3 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms.
L: Soup, flapjack.
D: Veggie gyoza, tofu and vegetable Thai red curry with boiled rice.
S: Peanuts.
E: Over 15k steps.
W: Over 8 litres.

No am still here, just some funny shifts.
Day off tomorrow, 2 hours of football beckons.
Will get a loss at ManVFat tomorrow night.

Been working out a plan to go to 1500 calories a day for a few weeks.

At a wedding, shattered after dancing for a good few hours.

B: Egg, avocado, cheese and tomato bagel.
L: Canapes, garlic mushrooms on bruschetta, vegetable stew, chocolate marquis.
D: Cheese and pickle roll, wedding cake.
S: Wedding cake.
E: Over 13k steps.
W: Over 4 litres, Appletizer, orange juice, diet coke, lemonade.

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Well this week didn’t go quite to plan.

Or rather, my discipline didn’t & we ended up using 2300 allowance for the week.

We did come in under that & the weight had dropped slightly this morning.

New week, new plan & we’ll be doing things differently this week.

B: Bran flakes and prunes, veggie sausage, 2 poached eggs, tomato, mushrooms, beans, fruit with yoghurt.
L: Pretzel, tortilla chips, protein bar.
D: Wicked Kitchen wrap, 2 boiled eggs, popcorn.
S: N/A
E: Couch to 5k week 7 run 3.
W: Over 8 litres + 2 black coffees, tea, orange juice.

So far so good. Eating well, lot less calories/snacking, loads of exercise. Best day for ages:

B: small bowl porridge, almond milk, blueberries
L: 2 slices toast, crisps, grapes, 3 squares dark choc
D: (later) Roast chicken, spuds, loads of veg
S: a.m. protein shake, cereal bar. p.m. 2 squares dark choc
A: 1 hour body pump class. Walks: 1 x 40min. 3 x 25min.

Well, lost 2kg this week according to MvF, and my evening weight was only 0.7kg higher than my morning weight from yesterday, which is an interesting development.

Happy with how today has gone.

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B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, nutty cocoa bircher muesli.
L: Mushroom stroganoff with rice, yoghurt and granola with honey and banana.
D: 1/2 egg and cheese sandwich, roasted and salted nuts, apple and peanut butter pot, protein flapjack.
S: N/A
E: 5 a side football (over 20k steps).
W: Over 7 litres + decaf black coffee.

Knackered so it’s an early night. Weigh day at home and football for me tomorrow. I’ve started a little accountability thing on Instagram for October and there are about 80 people joining in, can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

Quiet day, gents. Let’s keep focussed. Good day for me, knackered after my second night of football, one more to go tomorrow!

B: Porridge with fruit.
L: Soup.
D: Banana, 2 protein flapjacks, roasted and salted nuts, protein milkshake.
S: Kitkat Chunky, cheesecake.
E: Man v Fat football (over 20k steps).
W: Over 5 litres.

Weighed in this morning 102.2kg/225.31lbs.

Which is approx 1.7lbs down from last weighin.

Chance of hitting 5% next week at MvF too, if I am 102.6kg or less in the evening.

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Dead. Played 5 a side for almost 90 minutes. Played shit as always but really enjoyed it… fourth day exercising in a row so having a day off it tomorrow. Everything hurts.

B: 2 hash browns, 2 veggie sausages, 2 toast, scrambled eggs, beans.
L: Soup and bread roll.
D: Boost protein bar, banana, corn nuts, 2 protein flapjacks.
S: Pizza baguette, protein milkshake.
E: 5 a side football (over 24k steps).
W: Over 7 litres + 2 black coffees.

Well went to an all you can eat Chinese yesterday and only ate meat dishes. Not much damage I think.

Treated myself to an upgrade.