Halloween Challenge

Right, lads. There are 12 weeks to Halloween starting tomorrow… let’s get something going!

Daily tracking, weekly weigh in, 2lbs loss a week is 24lbs which is just shy of 2 stone… who’s in?

Let’s make it flexible so it suits everyone, but let’s get a commitment to make a change to our lives and to continue the progress we’ve already made.

It’s been really quiet on here recently which is a shame. Who’s up for creating a bit of a buzz again?


I’m definitely in, need something to do on my phone now there are no more transfer rumours to check!

Aye go on then. Starting at 233.47lbs. Sure that figure has been posted by myself so many times.

New job, on my feet more, no more excuses. Under 220lbs is the first target. That will get me below 100kg again.

Just over 19 weeks to Xmas then. 2lbs a week would see me finally at a healthy BMI, what a Christmas present that could be.

Just need to stick to 1800 calories a day whilst doing all this extra movement at work & it should drop off now the classroom training has finished.

In as holiday weight to lose and ready to start from next week when back. Bday and ufc in September so plenty of things on.

Shall we kick off next Thursday then? 11 weeks until Halloween. Gives us time to get a few more guys in.

@Ragnar349 you’re in bud!


I’m in. Maybe tag the OG’s from the previous challenges. I’m only gonna aim for 1lb per week though (hopefully more though but 1 as a minimum) as I’ve got quite a bit on and it should even itself out. Also I’m at a weight where I’m a bit happier with where I’m at so not as desperate to lose it so quick.

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I’m happy to start whenever, 11 weeks until Halloween so aiming for a stone and a half approximately in that time

We may not have started yet but wanted to peek at the scales before going live in the rosters at work. 230.60lbs this morning. 2.87lbs since Monday! :+1:

Have actually consumed an average of 2600 calories each day, which is more than I had planned, more than I normally consume, so I’m guessing that the ‘moving more’ has been the dominant factor.

Out of training now & live on the roster from tomorrow so there will be even more of the moving more… and less calories.

Not sure where the right balance will be but feeling very comfortable with it all now.

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Good work @Darren_Welch

I’m prob gonna sit this out few weeks now as I need to get back into the stride after a long holiday when I get back. I’ve still been logging in while on holidays but I may take a short break off for a bit from posting. Think we all need that don’t we really

Start whenever guys just to get the momentum going and let’s lads join as they go.

I’m going to do this one in kg I think, I was 132.7kg when I started my other thread, so by the time we get properly started next Thursday I’ll be past the big first week loss and into some proper fat burning.

So anyway, this is what changing jobs has done: more movement & no elevenses!

Breakfast: made porridge with fresh apple, but didn’t eat it until I got to work before starting. 271 calories.

Lunch: ham salad, activia yogurt, frusli bar & a dairylea dunker. 500 calories.

Dinner: chicken breast, roast potatoes, mixed veg & a small Yorkshire. 629 calories.

So we are at just over 1400 calories, I did over 10k steps at work alone & I’ll be off to bed by 9pm. Tbh, I might yet have an under 200 calorie chocolate bar…

Edit: finished on 1749 calories & 13000 steps.

Tomorrow I am dropping the allowance to the 1kg a week target, which is currently just under 1800 a day to see what effect it has.

Slight drop of the calories to 2300 a day this week, combined with first week out of the classroom. We will evaluate at the weekend.

Yes Andy

I’m in. Love a good challenge.

I’ve been following you on Instagram you are doing amazingly well. I’m fatdan_2_slim by the way.

13000 steps already today & about to play football.

Deficit shown includes planned food and football.

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I’ll get a weigh in thread and challenge start thread up tomorrow. Can anyone tag the lads from the last challenge and maybe some from groups you’re currently in too please?

12000 steps so far and only just going home from work. My legs ache. 2 days off now so might walk a bit less :wink:

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Hi @atb88

I’ll be up for joining the group run until Halloween.

Sign me up

Kay Ray