Has MVFIA played a part in your weight loss? Would you share Before/After images with us?

As you know we’ve run MVFIA programmes for the better part of four years now and in that time we’ve helped over 4,000 guys to use accountability to improve their weight loss efforts. I’m pleased to say that there have been some incredible successes and overall some really valuable learning points from that process.

We’re currently working on the next stage in evolution for the MVFIA groups (don’t worry you’ll be the first to know about what’s going on). However, we currently need some genuine real life examples of men who have lost weight using the MVFIA groups. Would you be willing to give us a testimony and a before/after pic regarding your time spent in the groups?

It would be a massive help and could well help other men to find and get the same support - up for it? Ahhhhh, goarn. Go arn, go arn, go arn.


My highest weight I have recorded is from Oct 2013 at 125kg. Since then, I have tried and failed numerous times to lose weight. Finding MVF has really helped me with info, advice, motivation and comradery.
THE main benefit has been though, when I have slipped up, I have not given up. I did so recently and gained nearly 9kg back, but staying here and sweating it out is helping me shed again. It’s easy when things are going well right? But digging in when they aren’t is the challenge (for me anyway). So that’s the main benefit for me - the means to not give up and to get back at it!

Order a bit mixed up. The one with me and just my little girl should come after the one with me and my niece and nephew. Not sure how the order changed. Last one taken just now.


Brilliant - thanks @StevenHaley - please don’t forget to do the MVFIA Survey which is linked at the top of every page!

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No worries mate but I won’t be able to access the survey as Google is blocked here.

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