Have I Missed The Season Start?

I want to sign up, have i missed the start of the season?

Waited on paying until I know what the process is and when it starts.

Any help appreciated.


Hi bud, Our registration night is on the 14th of June, we have just finished the season and have a ‘bring a friend’ game this Friday at 7. Im sure you would be welcome.

Rod Stewart is at portman road on the 7th so there wont be anything that week.

Normally when you start paying, you wont be charged until you start. Tom the league coach should be in touch via whatsapp to allocate a team etc within a week or 2.

We play at portman road on the side 3G pitches, parking is free outside in the bays and single yellows. Some people have got tickets on double yellows the nights before a town game.

Hope this helps

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Hello and Thank You!

I’m glad I haven’t missed anything for the new season and looking forward to getting started.

Hopefully I will hear from Tom today in that case and get myself along for Friday.

Very helpful thanks

no problem mate, Even if you don’t, come along Friday with shinpads and Astros/moulds and join in. You can have a word with him there I guess. Im sure everyone is welcome, just say you know Rob from the whites if youre asked!

That’s awesome thanks, hopefully see you there!

I have just registered and will be coming along tomorrow night, bit nervous but really looking forward to it

I’ve just signed up too, is the registration tomorrow? I haven’t heard anythig yet about coming along, I’m guessing I should just turn up anyway?

Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

guys, come along to reg tmw. 6.30pm in legends bar

Ryan, no need to be nervous as you will be with like minded people. See you tmw


A couple of quick questions please.

Am I able to just turn up tonight and sign up or do I need to register beforehand and I’m assuming it’s purely registration tonight so no need to bring kit along?

Cheers, looking forward to it!

I have just signed up and wondered what to do next. Obviously registration was last week so I missed that. Do I wait to hear from someone, can I just turn up and speak to someone? I have been trying to find out online but can’t seem to find anything clear. Any advice gratefully received

Hi @stevephilpot1974

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you are registered on the league website - https://www.manvfatfootball.org/ipswich

This will allow your coach to assign you into a team once there is a space open in the existing league teams.