Have you invited other guys to this site?


I have told a few guys that could benefit from this site that I am on it and doing it. Some of them look at me as if I am speaking another language. I wanted to say “Oh don’t play that game. I’m fat too” but just nodded until the awkardness went away.

Have any of you invited or talked to other fat guys in the real world that could really get something out of this site?

I don’t want to get all evangelical and go door to door but I do want to help others help themselves.


Like the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. I found that once I started really dropping weight guys would come and find me at a quiet time and ask questions about how I am doing it. It’s then that you can help them the most.


I had an overseas trip a month ago and met with some people I have known for a long time. They remarked on my weight loss from 202 to 187 as I looked different with most of my gut gone (where I carry the ballast) and asked my “secret”. When I told them it was 1,200 calories a day of a high protein/low carb diet of no bread, rice, pasta, or alcohol for 10 weeks (where I was at my journey) their response was that they could never do that. And these were guys where at 202 I looked slim next to them.

It is a personal decision that one has to make for themselves.


@tanks I think you nailed it. Guys want an easy pill or drink that does the trick and not sacrifice or work for it. I did the same thing a few years ago.

I guess the only thing to do is if they ask tell them about MvF and let them discover it on their own.


You are right… I will need to loose another 10 lbs before that happens.


It’s an interesting question. I think as @geoffbeckett says you run the risk of offending people if you say, “Blimey, you could do with checking out MAN v FAT!” but then it’s weird because they clearly would, and you’re doing with a good heart.

My suggestion would be to anonymously nominate them to take the Health Report - http://manvfat.com/nominate/ it’s free, easy and they can decide themselves whether they do anything with the information they get from it. Plus you can nominate as many guys as you like!


That’s a great idea.

I will nominate a few guys but I will wait till the rest ask me how I lost weight.



I mention it to loads of people. To be honest I find it is a way of reinforcing to myself that I am going to this as I will look pretty silly telling everyone if I fall off the wagon

I also mentioned it to my physio as she was saying for a while I needed to lose weight to help aleviate my back problem , and said that if she has any other chaps in the same boat they should give it a try.


Right now (day 17), it remains my guilty secret and will continue that way until someone notices the weight loss, then I’ll tell 'em.