Haven't been around for a few months but have still been kicking ass!



Bloody hell mate, you look awesome, the smile says it all! You look like a different man!

Fabulous work, what’s been the key to your success??


fantastic transformation mate well done!


WOW!!! that’s bloody brilliant mate!


Well in my case I had a bumpy ride really, weight loss has seemed painfully slow this entire time except for when I lost a stone in 3 weeks… The key for me personally was not giving up even in the face of utter despair and defeat. There were times when my motivation was at an all time high and I still couldn’t help but gobble down loads of chocolate in the evenings. At that time I felt utterly hopeless but that’s when I turned to the community here for advice.

I had to stop using take away pizza, McDonalds & Dominos food as a drug and start trying to have less of it. I my sugar way down in my tea and coffees to half a sugar, and at the moment I’m not adding any. I tried tracking my food on MyFitnessPal. My longest run of tracking food on MyFitnessPal was 3 weeks and during that time I lost a whole stone! So I think tracking calories is the ultimate key beyond anything else you can possibly do.

I tried running, at first I could manage 1km, then on my next try it was 2km, then eventually a few months later I hit my first 10k and was over the moon. My first entire year of running was mostly recovering from injuries caused by running! Now my body can finally handle it and I haven’t been injured at all this year from it :slight_smile: I regularly run 5k now and also I would reccomend downloading Pokemon Go as it will have you walking everywhere like a mad man!

Ultimately the key for me is the same as for everyone else, expending more calories than you take in, but nothing can really prepare you for the struggles along the way. You simply have to not give up even in the face of defeat, and find a way to forgive yourself ASAP when you screw up!


Thank you :smiley:


Hey Maxnas! I believe some of your advice helped me achieve this :smiley:


Hey mate, it’s just information… I didn’t invent it & certainly don’t own it!

Just happy to be able to help spread some truths so people can get actual results… well done!

PS - wouldn’t be far off from actually getting very lean (visible abs etc)


Well thank you all the same, you gave me the right information at the right time. I did a post in May with the title of “Evening cravings are driving me nuts” because i kept scoffing chocolate etc in the evenings, and you replied with:

"this might sound counter intuative but… have you tried to satisfy the hunger by giving into it, thus eliminating the craving or the ‘missing out on something I want’ feeling…

maybey work some chocolate into your daily calories & keep it for that particular time that the craving usually kicks in & just enjoy it, rather than try to fight it? :slight_smile: "

That advice was absolutely golden and somehow I went on to lose a stone in 3 weeks after that which gave me all the belief in myself I needed! Plus lots of running helped too lol


Yep, I remember that… something I do myself :slight_smile:


Great job.


Kinell! Well done my mate, absolutely so proud of what you’ve achieved, well done.

Email on its way for your Amazing Loser story!


@fat_hunter such a great job man!!!


Wow this is so awesome :smiley:




Great work @fat_hunter.


You look fantastic @fat_hunter! Congratulations, I bet you are so much happier in your new skin :slight_smile:

My only advice is…don’t wait until you drop to 15% body fat to start building muscle, now is the perfect time. You’ll find that it will accelerate fat loss and get you to your goal even quicker. Don’t look at the scale quite as much in the process, because your body will be thinner, leaner and stronger but the scale may or may not change. Better to focus on body fat % and let the scale do what it wants.

Refer to this post


Incredible change, it always amazes me how much difference weight loss makes to someone’s face. You look like you’re literally a different person!


Hey @shrinkinguy thanks for the post I’m about to sit down and read it now :slight_smile:


I really do look different lol, much healthier now :slight_smile:

It’s funny when I see people who haven’t seen me in a long time and they have to do a double take because they barely recognise me! Someone came into my work the other day who I haven’t seen since I started my weight loss journey and they said they couldn’t get over how much weight I’d lost, they just stood there stunned and that’s all they could say! That’s when you know you’ve done well :smiley:


No way is this the same person!!:grin: