Heads up to our Hat trick players

Hi there guys,
Multiple high fives all round as I announce our players that have lost weight 3 weeks in a row. Each hat trick earnt one extra goal for your team.
Green Team - Shaun, Matt T, Cliff and Dez.
Yellow Team - Tony and Ryan
Blue Team - Both Andrews :slight_smile: Michael and Keith
Red Team - all 5 players have scored a hat trick - great team effort there lads: Ben, Lee, Alex, Jeffery, and John.

Also, great effort put in by 2 players who have earned 2 Hat Tricks so far:
Ben O’C in the red team and Andrew C in Blue - 6 weeks of weight loss over the 8 weeks - that’s impressive. Awesome work guys.

Tomorrow night Red v Blue are first up - this will be a fast paced game I think… followed up by Yellow v Green… We welcome another player to the yellow team - Daniel - which is great news, to further give yellow team a helping hand. Spencer is away this week, and Ryan can’t play as he is recovering from surgery - but in true MAN V FAT spirit, Ryan is coming along to support the team and score a goal on the scales I reckon.

See you tomorrow.