Healthiest Breakfast?


So I’m on a plan of my devising and basically stick to a calorie target of around 2100 a day at the moment, creating a deficit of 1000 at least with a fairly even macro balance. However, I struggle with what is the best thing to eat for breakfast.

I am not an early riser, never have been, never will be, so I like to have something quick and easy…possibly prepared the night before. I also don’t eat until about 10 or 11am, because I like to get 14-16 hours of fasting in (it’s good for you, I’m told), and I don’t like to eat much. I have been eating these Nairns gluten free oat biscuits… 200 Cals for 4 and not too sugary. I did try 2 boiled eggs every morning one week as well…but lost no weight at all that week. Coincidence?

So any suggestions would be welcome. Oh, and I like to avoid dairy if I can!

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I like to eat a few grapes and some unsalted nuts - say a few cashews and Brazil. Need to be careful on the amounts as they are quite calorific. I also try to drink 2/3 pints of water to fill me up. Have to think about what I’m going to be doing as bladder gets full quite quickly.


My breakfast is either some granola with a very little bit of milk or a protein shake and a banana. I tend to lean towards the latter as I also dont like to eat to early and therefore drinking the shake takes that out of the equation then I have the banana shortly after.


From experience I’m a big believer in the 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up - Tim Ferriss has got a lot of background science to that one. So for me the perfect breakfast is green eggs and ham (i.e. scrambled eggs, lean bacon grilled crisp and loads of spinach), throw a load of chia seeds on with some chilli sauce and that’s about perfect.

HOWEVER, I gave myself some wicked food poisoning from doing scrambled eggs in the microwave and now I can’t really stomach them. So I’m on a small (roughly 30g) bowl of Dorset Muesli with fruit.

Here’s some info about protein in the a.m - just ignore the shonky supplement shilling


Food poisoning from scrarmbled eggs in the microwave?! That’s mad. I cook mine all the time like that and have never had an issue (touch wood).

I think I might go with the egg hard-boiled the night before. Or I could even have a protein powder shake…I use pea protein as the whey stuff doesn’t agree with me.

Thanks for the suggestions, chaps.


Not that I do.

Agreeing with Shan, there is a lot of evidence that a protein based breakfast is best.


As the old advert used to say "Go to work on an egg"
If you think about it an egg has everything inside its shell that you would need. After all it would have to contain everything in order to make a new chicken.


I would rather go to work in a bus - I think an egg is Likely to break - at least until I complete my 30 day challenge :sob:


I had pea protein shake for breakfast. It…er…made me pee a lot!

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That is the issue I am having with drinking more water - my night time trips to the loo have increased - still on the plus side it’s all exercise I guess


A really good breakfast meal is some porridge and a handful of fruits. You can mix up the fruit to keep you from getting bored, it takes under five minutes to make and it’s full of slow release energy.


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I usually have a small bowl of Porridge with a Neals Yard Omega Sprinkle for some extra nutrients. I sweeten it with a tablespoon of honey.

I don’t avoid dairy, but since my wife does I’ve got into the habit of making the porridge with water. Now I think it tastes better that way.

My portion:
20g Scott’s Porage Oats
135ml Water
10g Omega Sprinkle
1 dessert spoon honey

About 180 calories, which gives me some leeway if I fancy a biscuit with my coffee mid morning.


Buckwheat porridge with milk / a tiny bit of butter is superbly filling and low GI so keeps you full for hours. Plus as it’s not wheat at all is suitable for anyone doing gluten free. It’s probably the only thing I can have for breakfast that keeps me going til lunch without needing a mid -morning snack.


I do three soft-boiled eggs with some blanched basil leaves and salt and pepper for breakfast. If you want to have them ready from the night before, you can always go with hard-boiled eggs and just keep a bunch in the fridge. Sometimes I will have a small sausage or two. I find that if I don’t have carbs, I feel much more awake and active as I go through the rest of my morning.


That looks delicious, I feel hungry. Which is a pity considering I’m not going to be eating lunch for another three hours! Water and coffee for now!


I’ve become slightly obsessed with ‘Eat Natural’ Buckwheat toasted muesli with a bit of greek yogurt.

It’s £3 for a 500g box but that lasts me 8-10 days and lasts me from about 06:00-13:00 easily.


I have breakfast in a cafe fairly regularly, and have started having mushrooms on toast with scrambled eggs. Very rich flavours, so very satisfying. About 420 calories but a decent protein hit from the egg. Better than the full-English in that situation.


Baked beans are another suprisingly good source of protein, even better if they have the low sugar ones.


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I go for a slice of granary toast with marmite and 2 poached eggs every day.
Should I be having this first thing?
I usually get it from the work canteen (it’s only 95p!) and most days I cycle the 8 miles in before eating anything.