Healthiest Breakfast?


The eggs and marmite are good, the toast is not the best. All in all, a good breakfast.


Even low sugar baked beans have quite a bit of sugar, and the protein is not that high.


On the 5:2 diet I’ve started a fasting day several times with poached eggs on toast with marmite and it’s worked quite well for me - it’s quite a long time before I feel hungry again.


I love poached eggs on toast… Problem is, as soon as I eat bread, I feel bloated !


You might try poached eggs on Ryvita? Sounds odd but I quite like it.


Might give Ryvita a go, or maybe just replace the toast with grilled tomatoes instead.


I like the eggs with ryvita, normally have a bit of spinach and smoked salmon with it too.


40g porridge oats- S/S milk - 15-20g almonds and a few raisins works for me- coupled with 2 or 3 black coffees and at least 2 ltrs water I’m rarely hungry within 3-4 hours.


I struggle to eat breakfast but I water down porridge with semi skimmed milk and drink it down, it’s good carbs and fuels me for the gym where I can burn between 2000 and 6000 calories a day


I know our fashion for s/s milk. But I prefer the taste of whole milk. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it.


2 weatabix and milk every day.


I have either 3 or four boiled eggs, wheat cereal or a couple of sausages and rashers, with mushrooms and tomatoes cooked in the George Foreman Grill. Sometimes fruit in Greek yogurt.


Is this list, some of the options you have for breakfast, or is it what you generally have for breakfast?


One or the other


Recently porridge or muesli, but I think boiled or poached eggs would be healthier. Fill you up, low calorie health food. Just needs a few extra minutes to prepare.


Two eggs, two slices of 100% rye toast, butter (for the toast), and 3 slices of crispy bacon (microwaved).

Low GI, about 500 cals, zero sugar, and both filling and satisfying.

Having this for breakfast everyday for two years helped me shed a large amount of weight.


I always have weatabix and semi. It’s easy for the portion control


Weetabix and a semi ?! :laughing::laughing:


Hmmm milk not full fat as well you know @StokieDan


Yes mate, got he idea… Was just using my childish sense of humour.