Healthiest Breakfast?


On a fast day here with 5:2 for breakfast I had 2 slices of sweet onion ryvita with tbsp low fat houmous a slice of smoked salmon topped with cucumber pickle and black olives … It the spot and only 152 kcals :+1: For dinner will be m&s chicken provencale the whole meal for two comes in under 400 cals and the whole pack butternut with pepper b red onion 190 cals… I’ll be over the 600 cals but have lost 20lbs in 6 weeks and eating like a king


my go to breakfast is 50g steel cut oats, 2 scoops chocolate protein powder, 30g peanut butter & half a cup of warm water… mix it all up & BOOM!

About 450 cals, fills me up tll mid-day :slight_smile:


20lbs in 6 weeks?! That’s pretty good going. I keep wondering if I should give the 5:2 a proper go. I had a try about 3 or 4 years ago but gave up after a week, I think.


The weight is dropping off can’t believe it… I’ve tried every diet under the sun but this is more a way of life … I started it more to boost my energy levels and stop the carb comas … I’ve cut out wheat and diary also so eat eye or spelt bread have soya or almond milk … Cook with coconut oil and eat a lot of sweet potatoe… No sugar or alcohol and I have no cravings… I’m going to try the 30/30 in the mornings tho…I just google TDEE put in your details keep the excercise at sedentary and it gives me my maintenance calories for every day then the two days 600 cals provides the deficit… I downloaded the couch to 5k app and have started running 3 times a week so that’s helped! And walk an hr every other day


Running really helps. I lose weight/keep same when I run and put it on when I don’t


I imagine it’s as much to do with cutting the processed crap and wheat/dairy as it is doing the 5:2. Would be interesting to see if 5:2 but eating “normally” works for anyone…some proponents seem to think so. Personally, I’ve gone with 16:8 on a daily basis before and it seems to work too, but again, I’ve generally eaten healthier in tandem with this approach.

Good going either way!


Ultimately 5:2 will work if you truly stick to normal eating on the 5 days. Your cutting out enough calories in the 2 days to create the deficit to lose every week. My fear with any diet that makes a temporary change is that once finished the weight goes back on.

If lessons can be learnt to make permanent changes then absolutely it can work.


I’m well into Skyr at the moment, high protein content and pretty much fat free. I chuck in some oats, seeds and blueberries. Easy to have on the go as well.


Eggses. Eggses, precious.


I had two eggses and some steak this morning…feeling fucking magical.


Can anyone suggest if it’s better to go for protein, carbs or a mix for breakfast. I struggle to eat anything in the morning but need to bring forward my meal times.


Protein breakfasts tend to leave you feeling full for a long time. If you’re hitting carbs the received wisdom is to keep them complex and avoid refined sugar (eg go for oats rather than Frosties).


I’m having Shredded wheat at the mo with fresh strawberries, but now with the strawberry season coming to an end, i’m think what topping i can add next? Maybe Blueberries?


You have to watch the calories with some brands @ROYALEJOKER, and be wary of productions methods that include additives etc, but dried fruit is really good with cereal, especially oats. Dried cranberries, raisins, etc, they are supersweet.

I’ve tried fresh blueberries a few times with cereal but just didn’t like the flavour, not quite sweet enough for me.

I thought strawberries were an all round thing now supermarkets?


Yeah for some reason the strawberries don;t taste the same? Must be a phycological thing?


I’m finding Alpen Muesli low sugar really nice and the 45g serving which doesn’t look much actually fills me up!

Saw this on Cbeebies ( not my preferred channel!) and wondered if anyone has tried it, looks a good alternate to eggs on toast just a bit time consuming!


That looks crazy, but also crazy time-consuming. I still can’t eat eggs for breakfast after nearly killing myself by doing microwave scrambled eggs and not leaving them on long enough.

Kind of reminded me of this:


Did you not guess by the fact they were still liquid :wink:


New member soevening all!
I generally have an egg on toast, or toast with marmite…try to steer cleAr of things like peanut butter…difficult as I love it or fry ups although I do have a bacon and egg sandwich on a Sunday. Does that make me a bad person!!


If you love Peanut Butter, you gotta try PB2 powder! It’s the bees balls.