Healthiest Breakfast?


Tell me more you tease! PB2 powder? What is this nutty imposter you speak of?

#63 they squeeze out the oils from the nuts to make a fine powder, you add a little water and it magically turns back into peanut butter but about 80% less calories! Really really nice. Also good for chucking on chicken etc.


No imposter. This is the real deal. 2 tbsp in your porridge every morning with a bit of honey and a banana or raisins, or anything really. Breakfast of champions.


What would be the recommended serving of porridge,oats/milk,please?


I’d say as much as you want, @burtontaxis. Just keep in mind that if you’re trying to maintain a daily calorie deficit, the more calories you eat for breakfast, the fewer you have to play with at lunch and dinner.


I don’t skimp on the brekkie. A decent bowl full - measured in the same glass every day. One small glass and three of water. Microwave for 3 mins while the tea brews. I’ll weigh it tomorrow and let you know. Hoots mon!


I usually have 2-3 scrambled eggs, a piece of whole wheat toast with jam, and a couple of strips of turkey bacon.


35g Porridge
160ml water (milk if you must)
2tbsp PB2
10g raisins or blueberries
10ml honey or maple syrup if needed

For a special treat, add
10ml single cream
10ml whisky


I must say,ive never heard of whisky as an ingredient :joy:


You’re a bad man. I am going to have to have this at the weekend.


I stayed at a B&B by Loch Lomond. I blame them


I just have two wetabix and an apple not sure it’s the healthiest but I lost 20kg


How do you cook the spinach? Do you cook the spinach? I love spinach but I don’t really have it at home.


@admin, admit it, that was the incident which put you off microwave bacon too, right? :wink:


Wetabix has the advantage of simple portion control


the best way is to heat spoonful of olive oil in frying pan and then drop in the spinach, it will look overful but once it withers it is very little. Cook for just a few minutes.


Top tip! I’ll have to give it a whirl one day.




Scrambled eggs and toast is my usual - really keeps me going. If I ever have porridge, I end up starving by mid-morning! I def need my protein first thing!


Weetbix are an easy fix when I am short of time, here in Aus there is now a variety with added protein which I like.

If I have time, scrambled eggs with spinach is great.