Healthiest Breakfast?


I have one of three options for breakfast usually, all are around 400 calories.
Option1: a blueberry bagel with jalapeño cream cheese and a yogurt
Option 2: high protein pancakes, low calorie syrup and some bacon
Option 3: cereal, milk and a yogurt.

I often will do oatmeal for lunch. I really need to try powdered peanut butter.


Me too I like porridge but feel hungry 2 or 3 hours later


I still think the microwaving bacon thing is a wind-up. People don’t just microwave bacon. It can’t, shouldn’t be done!


I see eggs getting a fair mention here. I was looking at increasing my brekky protein by having two boiled eggs but the missus started moaning at me saying two a day is too much (it could actually be more as we often have steamed egg as a dinner dish) with regards to cholesterol. So, I checked on the web and found many reports to the contrary. IF I did have two for brekky and then some for dinner, do you think it would be too much? Her dish would work out as one egg per person, but I might eat a little bit more than my one part.


Me too!! about 70 - 80 seconds for 2 eggs. @admin you must have cooked your eggs for maybe 20 seconds!! How the hell you managed that?

I like mine not so ‘set’ either and never had food poisoning - mind, i’d lose a bit of weight. Maybe it’s the way forward I tell ya :wink:


I tend to go for a banana on crackerbread. Maybe not a classic :wink:


Steve I’ve been having 3 scrambled every morning I train after the session on an empty stomach … and I’ve lost more weight than when I didn’t eat them at all :grin::grin:so my opinion is eat away :slight_smile:️:+1:


Thanks, I shall follow your EGGsample then.


I still don’t microwave it on principle, but I have tried it a couple of times, rather frustratingly it seems to work. Its not a wind up and it has its advocates.


I microwave bacon regularly. Great if you like it crispy as you can really give it a good blast. Less successful if you don’t like it cremated!


My secret weapon this week is to create something called a Bircher’s Museli. It’s basically a mix of porridge oats, yoghurt and fruit. For 2 portions you need 50g of porridge oats, 1 grated apple, 1tsp honey, 100g of frozen berries, 150ml natural yoghurt.

I stir in a bit of milk to make it a bit more runny. It’s easy to tweak the ratios, I’ll probably use 2 apples next time and fewer berries.

You can make it one evening and keep it in the fridge for the next 2 breakfasts sorted. It’s reasonably filling and scales easily so family can have it too.

As for bacon, the rule is wet cured bacon should be grilled, more expensive dry cured bacon should be pan fried (next to no oil needed), but both can be oven baked. As for the microwave… yuck!


There’s a lot of suggestions on here. Personally, I’ve found that anything carby for breakfast doesn’t sustain me at all and I’m getting hungry within a couple of hours.

What I’ve found works really well is a slice of brown toast, some ripe Avocado sliced up and then spread on the toast and a couple of slices of bacon. If I have no ripe Avocados, then i’ll swap it with fried (in 1cal oil spray) egg. A bit of pepper and tobasco on top and a pint of water and I feel sustained. I don’t feel full but I don’t sit at my desk constantly thinking about food.


Tell what’s good and you can do it the night before,
Overnight oats.
Need a masonry jar (jam jar)

70g oats
160ml almond milk
110g Low fat Greek yoghurt or a dairy free alternative? If there is one?
Scoop of protein or 2 table spoons of chia seeds
And some fruit, I have banana or blueberries

Wang it in the fridge and the next day it’s like rice pudding, once you have done it a few times you will get the right consistency, when you put chia seeds in it does thicken it up, fills the gap for abit anyway.


Yes, I’ve been having this for a while. I find oats definitely keep me feeling full for longer. I use frozen raspberries and blend them with milk before adding the oats. Though 70g of oats is a big portion.


Oh ok? I got that recipe from a youtube channel, ‘Buff Dudes’, no wonder I’m fat with all this big portions of oats haha


All depends on whether you/they are trying to bulk up or lose fat I guess


I am looking to lose fat as well as weight, but have always overeaten in the mornings, especially when I have eaten cereal I never got to lunchtime without having something extra, typically biscuits/chocolate muffins. First few days on here and have changed to porridge with fruit, which seems to fill me up better and keeps me going for longer


Porridge is an excellent choice.
Fruit, nuts, a little honey, various spices all help to make it palatable and varied.
Almost anything can be added to pep it up a bit.


Thanks for all the great tips here I usually have 1 or rashers of bacon with an egg all fried in fry light. I find this keeps me full into the early afternoon.


I have a bowl of special K, and 1% milk. 200 calories, and it tastes great.