Healthiest Breakfast?


New to this but thought would start with a food post as I’m a chef , I’m going to be eating eggs or avocado with sriracha and some simple toasted seeds for texture and see where that sets me up, also to drink a pint of water first thing to speed up metabolism if that’s not an old wives tale !


Every morning I have crushed oats porridge with milk (got that from the NHS Diet website) with blueberries. I also have 2 slices of wholemeal medium toast with peanut butter or marmite and a cup of tea.


I’m going to throw my own 2 cents back in here. When I don’t have time to sit down and eat a proper meal, I stick with a packet of carnation instant breakfast, and a cup and a half of 1% milk. I warm the milk, if its cold outside. 225 calories right there.


I try to eat porridge when I can, otherwise its a glass of squeezed lemon, orange and lime for breakfast.




is that filling??


i just need to try and enjoy porridge - but it takes ages to eat!!!


Eating slower is better for feeling fuller.


Its like asking for the best length of string


I squeeze an orange, lemon, lime… add 1 tablespoon of honey and drink it first thing in the morning then start getting the urge to eat something around 1.00 pm so although you wouldnt think it will fill you up it takes those urges to eat snacks away, not saying that would be great for all but i find it works for me. :grinning:


Cheese string. :laughing:


Egg white omelette with onion and cheese and maybe a wasa crisp is very satisfying. SOmetimes some hot cut oats with protein powder. When I gain weight its because I skip breakfast altogether, I think its important so you don’t eat too much later in the day.


Weight gain/weight is down to energy balance mate, you dont have to force yourself to eat breakfast if you’re not hungry in the morning mate… plan around your personal preference :blush:


check, should have clarified that it is important for me


Ah, got you… I misunderstood what you meant in that case mate, I’m exactly the same :blush:


Hey gang, slightly silly question…

Is ANY porridge ok? I mean the quaker oats and I think weetabix do it too? Are either or these acceptable to buy and eat? Or do I need a more specific type of porridge?


Yes, there’s no inherently bad foods mate, just different amounts of calories & nutritents (or lack of)


Just find one you like. I’m a big fan of Flahavans Jumbo Oats, but only because I like the texture. It’s all the same stuff, basically.


just got cinnamon flavour the quakers brand


How much porridge do you eat for breakfast? I posted in a group that I have 100g (dry) and just add water and skimmed milk powder. But it seemed that the 100g was very high in a few opinions.
It does work out 400 cals (not inc the milk), does that seem high for breakfast? I can go for a walk, do an hour of good exercise (body combat/weights) and feel I have enough energy and don’t feel hungry until about 1.00pm, so should I be too bothered and look at reducing the amount?
I am 183cm tall and weigh 95.5kg.