Healthiest Breakfast?


There’s not really such a thing as too much or too little in a single meal, it’s about getting what you feel you need in that meal & putting it into the entire context of the day.

If it works for you, satisfies your hunger, energy etc etc, you’re all good :slight_smile:


My biggest meal of the day is usually breakfast as that’s when I’m most hungry


Yep…cheers. It does. It kept me going until at least 2.00pm today.


scotts porridge rolled oats with a drizzle of honey keeps me going all morning at the weekend and oats so simple instant pots during the week at work and some fruit gets me up to lunchtime


Im pretty much live on oats

here’s my ‘go to’ daily quick fix

oats (uncooked), PB & whey, with a splash of water or almond milk to mix it up, but not too much that it becomes watery, just a touch so it mixes but is still think & filling

the amount depends on my calorie intake, but I basically do the same thing for breakie & lunch Mon - Fri, then have an evening meal out of 3-4 quick go to choices (protein source, carb source & flavour/spice etc)

I basically nver have to think about food, never have to spend silly amounts of time cooking, or wondering how to hit my macros etc, such an easy way for me to live my life.

I think I wrote about this on the ‘other things to consider section’ of the Complete Nutriition Guide…


Here it is:


Personal meal plans/Menus

This is something that I do myself to make life simpler & not spend too much time thinking about food/calories/macronutrients etc.

Here’s what my typical week day looks like:

I have pretty much the same thing almost every day for breakfast & lunch. When it comes to my evening meals I have a few set meals that I can rotate daily depending on what I fancy & what food I have available. I’ll make sure it includes a nice portion of protein, a serving of carbohydrates & includes vegetables.


Set structure, inter-changeable/rotating meals
•Protein source of choice,
•Carb source of choice,
•spices/herbs/dressing/flavour of choice
•Portion of vegetables

Meal examples:
•Chicken & pasta salad with dressing of choice & side veg
•Steak & potato of choice (white, sweet, baby, waffles) & side veg
•Meatballs or beef mince spaghetti Bolognese (chopped red onions, tin chopped tomatoes, herbs of choice)
•Fish & potato of choice (white, sweet, baby, waffles) & side veg
•Chicken or beef & vegetable stir-fry & rice - frozen stir-fry packet, meat of choice, dressing of choice
•Chilli con carne & rice (chopped red onions, diced peppers, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, herbs of choice)
•Tuna & sweetcorn or chilli con carne stuffed jacket potato (dressing of choice) & side veg

I then loosen things up on the weekend a bit,

Saturdays: I just track my overall calories & protein on the fly. I might even skip breakfast if I have a social evening with friends & family to make sure I’ve got that calorie buffer for some food & drinks in the evening.

Sunday’s: I take the day off for a mental break & just try to be a bit mindful about what I’m eating.

Now that’s my personal weekly structure, but you may want to do something similar that best suits your lifestyle."


I remember that :joy:

I’d happily eat 100g, but I just couldn’t manage the volume. If it works for you, then great.


Haha…maybe that’s my problem. What looks normal to me is a large portion to others.


Hi, I have a Sci-mx meal replacement shake 3-4 times a week for breakfast. As I start work before 5 am I have found you can prepare these the night before and they thicken up nicely overnight. In the first 4 weeks I lost 15lb and that was the only change I did. There are different flavours and you can use milk or water (never tried water) and I found I wasn’t hungry for 7-9 hours.


Nice pic. So pleased they don’t have the Chinese bookie logo on the kids shirts


Seems interesting. Forgive me for being sceptical. Been watching documentaries and they say these are not good for you, they done research too.

I.e the difference between eating an apple and having an apple smoothie/shake is large and not beneficial to be consumed in the form of a drink… unsure if that example is applicable here


Here’s the biggest tip on nutrition education I can even give,

don’t get nutrition education/informartion from Netflix/TV/YouTube documentaries lol


so would you recommend a protein shake for breakfast? I know you bang on about it being every man for himself and what suits them. I`m happy to try different things and see what works for my body!


Hi mate, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I wouldn’t recommend not to do it either, it’s like asking “whats better, a boat or spaceship?”

First of all, are you hungry in the morning?

If not, why are you having breakfast, skip it & save the calories for later

If so, why would you want to have liquid calories that doesn’t fill you up…. Unless it’s for convenience?

Pro: It’s a good way to hit your protein needs without having to eat another meal

Con: Liquid calories are not very filling, so in a deficit whilst we’re hungry it could be a detriment

The entire nutrition plan & the full day in context is the most important thing, then we can look at moving individial things around based on how we feel/respond/preference etc 


ah, that’s easy: spaceship.





Always :rocket:

(Or the Batmobile)


defo the BATMOBILE!


Thank you guys for sharing this tips. I will save it onto my bookmarks. :slight_smile:


Wow. Nice to see this thread still going, and some good discussion too.

I’ve been thinking about the whole breakfast thing again, specifically in terms of whether you should have your biggest meal in the morning or in the evening. I’ve heard the old adage, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper” or something like that, and wondered if there was something in it. When I experimented with 16/8 fasting I would generally skip breakfast, and it worked for a while. But then I wonder if it’s better to eat the most in the morning when you “break the fast” from overnight and then your body is awake and active and burning more calories than say at night?

Any thoughts/experiences?


Makes zero different physiologically mate, completely down to personal prefference/hunger

eat when you want :slight_smile: