Healthiest Breakfast?


My current breakfast is 2 eggs with a dash of full fat milk, scrambled in a frying pan in a knob of butter. A pile of mushrooms fried in a knob of butter. And quarter of an avocado.

I’m not losing weight right now but not putting it on either. I’ve not counted the calories in this meal but I’d rather trim calories from my other meals than lose out on this glorious start to the day.

Incidentally I add bacon some weekends.


Like maxnas said, it doesn’t matter when you eat.

Sure the metabolism slows down a little during the evening, but if you have eaten 1500 calories, or 2000 calories or whatever, the body still has to digest the same stuff no matter when it has been eaten.

I have porridge for breakfast with a banana. Quite often I have the same at 11pm before bed.
I also have elevenses, lunch, evening snack & dinner.

And I’m over 4 stone lighter than when I started this journey.


I always figure that calories can’t tell the time, so it doesn’t matter. The closest it comes to mattering is if you eat very late, and still have a weight of unprocessed food in your gut when you get weighed in the morning. Even then, it doesn’t matter that much in the long term, and that’s what we’re here for.


Can’t believe so many people eat porridge :hushed:,

I typically have multigrain cheerios with s/s milk, a bagel with either dark marmalade or honey and several cups of freshly ground coffee. ( I did discover that my usual portion of cheerios was actually nearly 4 cups of cereal, so I’ve cut it down )


Love porridge, and will also admit to using it in savoury dishes as well as for breakfast, thickener for home made veggie soups etc etc.

Trying to think of something that’s quicker, cheaper, healthier, fills you up more, keeps you going for longer, less GI impact, and more fibrous…

there aren’t that many things to rival it…


I can’t argue the positives you list for it, you make it sound ideal.

I just can’t cope with the taste or texture ( mostly the texture)


I always said I hated porridge.

Until I discovered the microwave sachets.

You didn’t think I meant real porridge oats? :joy: