Healthy snacks on the go

Hi I was just wondering what everybody have for snacks on the go. I was a big chocolate bar eater and looking for healthy and cheap alternatives

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Not really on the go, but my pre-lunch snack at work is Ryvita whole meal with thinly spreaded peanut butter. I have gone from 124.8 kg in 2016 to currently 84.9 kg


Wow that’s amazing must be doing something right then. Also on a plus side I love peanut butter

As you mentioned chocolate, do my suggestions have to be choc based? I play some tennis, so a choc based snack, is no good as it melts. I have found some 49p shakes and bars, which I liked. Sometimes I only need half to give me some energy!

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85p for 5 bars at 93cals each. I mainly use them pre-workout or when I’m out on the bike, they do an chololate orange flavour as well.

Truth be told though fruit and veg make the best options, apples, bananas, berries, carrot sticks etc.

I’d I like dried fruit and nuts but are so easy to rack up loads of calories so I pre-weigh them into servings.

i had digestive biscuitsm,roasted nuts and raisins on the go when i’m traveling mostly, i also like fat free chips and crackers.


I’ve always loved unsalted almonds. I think it’s because the texture is reminiscent of chocolate chips. Also anything with hummus. Tribe 40 Spices is one of my favorites. Multigrain or rye toast with hummus and sliced tomatoes is pretty damn good

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