Healthy Swaps



As we all now CHANGE is the thing that is going to help us reach our goals, remember the change doesn’t have to be all at once or drastic lots of little changes add up and make a big difference.

What things have you changed or swapped that have helped you with your weight loss goals?

below is a link for healthy food swaps from the NHS choices page

I read this on the NHS Choices ( website and thought you should read it too:

Yeovil league 02/02/18 - one month in, a good time to reset your goals

Butternut Squash or Courgette noodles instead of pasta.


Big thing for me is bringing in a Muller light yoghurt in the evening. They’re a bit rank but they really satisfy the weird connection I have with finishing tea and thinking I need something sweet. It’s almost because they’re hyper sweet that I think I don’t actually need/want anything else after that point.

Portsmouth - S3 W6 -

carrot noodles are pretty good to


they really are sweet aren’t they!


I love mullerlight more than most yoghurts. Tin of peaches drained and one of those & that’s a bowl full of dessert for 200 calories.

Always take full advantage when they are 10 or 12 for £3 too.


I have an ice lolly fafter tea they range from 60 calories to 100 calories. Hits the spot for me .


I’ve gone mad for this stuff! Think I’ll struggle to eat pasta again! Tastes amazing!
Wife and kids loving it too!

Carrots, parsnips, courgette, beetroot, sweet potatoes, celeriac, swede, they have eaten the lot!

Van upgrading the spiraliser to a posh one!


Frozen berries from the Co-Op. I leave it out for an hour or so and have it instead of something sweet.
I think it is about 400g and only has 200 calories. It takes ages and feels like a good substitute for a desert.


Going to add bacon medallions.

Seriously, get to your local co-op, they have ones that are 40 calories for 2.


Just tried their Madagascan custard, yes it’s low fat! That was really tasty too! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


chop up a banana and pop it in the freezer tastes like banana ice cream.


milk roll

2 slices = less than a 100 cals

miles more satisfying and cheaper than them “thinnies” if you want a decent sandwich plus it toasts reasonable well unlike nimble type stuff if you want to do beans on toast etc


Just in time for the weekend. :+1:


Overnight oats.
I don’t like porridge but a handful of porridge oats mixed with low fat Greek yogurt, leave in the fridge overnight & add some berries and or honey. It tastes like a pudding.
Because I’m a cheapskate I add frozen berries - cheaper but just as good for you - & take it into work to eat as breakfast or lunch.


Did overnight oats all last year,till we hit the cold snap and I needed warmth so resorted to cereals with warm milk

Ive just started back on them,but I’ve started using genuine Greek yogurt not “Greek style” and I feel its a million times better

Frozen fruits all the time in mine,with a sprinkle of chia seeds


Dark chocolate, the darker the better min 70%, but i tend to go for 80%. Its not super healthy, but you get your chocolate hit, but as its so dark, you cant eat too much of it. if your craving chocolate, or that you have a habit of having chocolate/choco busicuits while watching the tv of a night, having 20-25g of very dark chocolate (what they consider a service) satisfies you itch but at 100cal, rather than 250-300cal which two choco biscuits would deliver. Plus there are all sorts of health benefits with dark chocolate.


I swapped sugar drinks (coke etc) for sparkling water mixed with a trace of lime cordial - much more refreshing and I feel majorly better for it!


This week i’ve swapped out the chocolate bars and biscuits at work for satsumas - got some nice sweet ones, which still give me the sugar hit - seems to be working so far, i’ve not missed the biscuits!


These aren’t bad if you get a bit peckish