Healthy weight loss

Is possible to loose 5% or more of initial weight in one week after start initial weighing of the season in healthy way? For example 80kg man should loose 4kg in one week or 100kg man 5kg and so on and…

I probably wouldn’t say 5% in a week is that healthy.

I usually look at 1kg a week, maybe 2kg if I’m lucky.

This is what happened in Leeds league last night. A week ago, there was weighting on the start of the season and yesterday (7 days after) some of the players lost already over 5% of their initial body weight (in 7 days).
I am just asking as it seems to me impossible. How even can those guys be able to play a game after so drastically weight loss?!

The only thing I can think of is that they are losing retained water through actually keeping hydrated.
If you don’t drink enough, your body will hold on to as much liquid as it can, but when you are well hydrated then it can get rid of as much as it needs to.

Registration night, drink 3 litres of water before weighin. Now you weight 3kg heavier.

Next week, 3kg gone plus whatever for the week.

Seen it done plenty of times.

Cheating? Not really, not as bad as weighing down pockets.

Same cheating. What’s the difference between put 3kg up on purpose by water or by something in the pocket?
But main thing is that it’s not cheating against the other team only, but doing that, you cheat on yourself.

Get over yourself, what you eat & drink cannot be cheating. Your coach should be telling you the importance of keeping hydrated.

Drinking 3kg of water isn’t cheating yourself, you will have still lost the same amount of weight over the season.

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Im one of the lads who hit my 5 percent in one week. Let me be clear there is no cheating involved. If we where cheating we would not have won on the scales 14 weeks straight. We graft our arse off to lose weight and that’s why as a team we won top weight loss 2 seasons on the trot. In 28 weeks we have lost 29stone. You don’t do this by cheating.

What we did do is all go for a couple of pints and a meal before weigh in. Not to preload but just because it’s the one week of the season we have a time slot and we all get to go out and bond.

For clarity between the final game and new season weigh in I gained 2.5kgs. but the next weigh in I had lost 4.6kgs. This was down to lifting my exercise plan up significantly as I’m training to do a 30 mile bike ride.

If you think I’m cheating that’s your opinion but just keep an eye on my stats over the coming weeks and see how much more weight I’m going to lose. Or just come shake my hand at the end of the season and congratulate me on achieving a healthy BMI.


0.5-1% is the healthy range for most people, especially as this is relative… more for the bigger person, less for the leaner person.

Those kind of losses right out of the gate will be inevitable water weight loss, which I think needs to be a MAJOR education point & to set future expectations of what to expect & that they won’t lose massive amounts each week, if this isn’t set, people expect these type of results & get disheartened when they don’t see impossible results

In reality, this is a flaw with the program itself as Man v Fat Football is in practice Man v Weight Football.

There defo needs to be some changes to how the program works imo

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I lost 9.5kg in my first week, over 7%. I had lead anal beads inserted.

I’m joking obviously, I’d eaten a lot during the off week and it’ll mostly be water weight. No cheating, just water weight.

I’ve just rejoined the football side of things, purposely ate loads of heavy but low calorie food all day & drank 3 litres water. I consumed less than 1800 calories yeesterday & guarantee by next week the system will say that I have lost around 5kg.

Still isn’t cheating, as I will lose weight every week.

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