Hello again

I joined this site in 2015 because I had a 44 inch waist and had just joined the gym. Didn’t visit site since. I have just come back on to the site because I had a 44 inch waist and re-joined the gym and surprised myself that at least I have not got any bigger. I am trying not to weigh myself all the time and aim to go to the gym to get my muscle strength back and concentrate on getting my waist hip ratio under control. I need to drop visceral fat as I have a nice round hard tummy- which is not good at 59. Happy to email- happy to encourage. Mark

Hi mark. Welcome back. Have you thought about joining your local manvfat football league I found that the team and coach provided the motivation and support I needed to loose weight about drop from 42 waist to 36.

I thought that the football league was a real football league, don’t do football, don’t understand it really, but maybe its a cover organisation for secret dieting? Let me know. best wishes Mark

Mark, I hadn’t played football for over 40 years since leaving school, it’s a six a side 28 min game with goals scored on pitch and off pitch through weight loss goals to give overall score. So the motivation is via teammates football skill is not the important issue but taking part is . Any weight loos per week adds 0.5 goals to team score, going over start weight is minus 1 goal. Give it a go . Look on the Facebook page to see games from life heath league to give you more idea and speak to coach of local league.