Hello! An update

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while. I just wanted to update you on what is going on at MVF!

If you didn’t already know, Shan/@admin stepped down from being managing director of MVF/MAN v FAT Football earlier this year. He has become an author and has written a really good book (which I am currently reading a draft of and although I may be biased a bit, it is really good!)

MAN v FAT is now part of Thrive Tribe, which is a company that provides healthy living services (think stop smoking, weight management, etc.) to people all across the UK. This has been a huge adjustment and a big undertaking for them trying to figure out the beast that is MVF :slight_smile:

So…new things:

  • the website has had a redesign and has many new features, including a recipe portal which I’m really excited about. This will be launching soon and then I will be back to posting many times a week!
  • we have new staff members, including a dedicated head of marketing and customer service representatives. They’re still very new but doing great so far.
  • this frees me up to concentrate on the content side of things. With the new website launching, I will be giving our emails an overhaul, plus looking at MVFF stuff and the forum. I really appreciate how patient you have all been during this period with MVFIA groups and everything. We will be conducting some research about how to better use the forum, which I will post details about nearer the time :blush:

Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now…tell me about what you’ve been up to!


Good to hear about the stuff going on behind the scenes Emma. I’m still here on the forums answering Q’s etc :slight_smile:


Best of luck, but I hope the commercialisation won’t affect the creation of the groups.


It won’t!

Can’t blame him for selling the project on, life’s too short to be stressful.

I wish him well, my missus is currently doing her degree in creative writing, along with considering how to take forward a book on her past life experiences.

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Hi all, thought I should break my self-imposed exile to update you all.

First, as @emma1 says, I’ve now stepped down as MD at MAN v FAT. Starting the business and helping it to grow has been one of the most enjoyable and challenging things I’ve done in my career. I’m so proud of all the ways MVF has been able to support men’s health.

The simple fact is that the business had become too big for me to run from the shed at the bottom of the garden. The way I explained it to my wife was that for MVF to flourish it needed to leave the shed and for me to flourish I needed to stay in it.

We were fortunate that we had taken on a partner in 2016 who was exceptionally experienced in running health schemes and so Thrive Tribe are now taking on the challenge of bringing MVF to the next stage. I should point out that Emma Shanahan and me are both still directors of the company and very much engaged and passionate about seeing it grow.

To help that I’ve been keeping out of the way to give Tim (the new MD) time to understand the business and see what it needs. That’s why I’ve been quiet on here, as I can think of nothing worse than the old MD lingering like a stale fart (very much my personal musk) and generally getting in the way.

As Em said I’ve also been keeping myself busy by writing a book. I’m very much hoping that some of you MVFers would read it when I’m done implementing the long list of corrections that @emma1 is preparing for me. I’ll do a post about that in due course.

I really hope you’re doing well and that your weight loss is going better than mine. About time I joined a MVFIA group again…


Thanks for the update @emma1 and @admin. Thank you for everything you have done for me and all the best for the future.
I simply would not be where I am now health wise (still room for improvement for me) if it wasn’t you, this site and everyone who contributes here.
Cheers XXX

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First of all I just wanted to say a huge thank you to MvF with helping me on the right path and keeping me on track too! @emma1 @admin
I’ve tried the general weight loss groups before but never really kept to it as I was only letting myself down by having too many cheat days and I’ll start again tomorrow, but being in a team environment it has given me the focus each week to loose weight and keep it off too.

Just a quick questions/update on a few bits
Is there any update on the MvF Top Scorer invitational and the international in 2020 at all?




Thanks for all you have put into MVF. Without your vision so many guys would not be in good shape.

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I will ask the powers that be and see if there are any updates!