Hello! How are you doing?


Things have been a little quiet around here recently so thought I’d say hello!

How’s everyone doing? Any smashing non-scale (or on-scale) victories to report?

It’s my birthday in a week and it’s made me want to sort myself out :smile: So I have a gym induction later on today. I haven’t done any proper exercise (apart from a half-hearted attempt at c25k) for about 3 years so I’m kinda dreading it…


How’s it going, @emma1? Hope the induction went well?

I joined a gym last week and I’m loving being back already. Finished week 1 of Couch to 5k and got a programme for resistance and mobility. Also… after 15 years, I’m back in the swimming pool and loving it!

Weight is still dropping and season 3 of Man v Fat Leyton starts for me tomorrow with registration which I’m really excited for!

Do let us know how the induction went!


Happy bday!! Hope ur gym induction go well. I been gan probs 4yrs now. Long before i even startd the weightloss hype. Honestly i was the LAST person u ever thought will get in2 exercise, never done owt since school even then i skived it mainly. But it rly can come a v positve part of ur life, i hope u + @atb88 will find it too


Thanks for asking! It went really well, I’ve been to gyms before but this one is a lot different to the ones I’ve been a member of previously. It’s very old skool but it has an amazing owner who basically acts as personal trainer for everyone there, so he runs around telling everyone who wants his guidance what they should do next.

As a result it was the most productive workout I think i’ve ever had because I wasn’t thinking ‘huh, what should I do next and also am I doing this right or is everyone looking at me because I’m a n00b’ :laughing:

I’ve seen your progress on IG and you’re doing incredibly well! Well done for getting back in the pool too, I love swimming but haven’t been for years. Good luck for the upcoming MVFF season!


Nice! I definitely feel a difference in my mood and general outlook when I’m a bit more active so I’m thinking sunshine + exercise is a winning combo!

How’s your weight loss going?


Yes, the forums do seem a little bit quiet - Must admit, I haven’t been checking in as much as I did.

It’s reboot time for me. Having gone from 24.5 stones to below 13, I now find myself back at 15. Not all bad though, I’ve run three marathons since March and feel reasonably fit, but the ‘runger’ has meant the pounds have crept back on since January. Back on the weightloss


That’s great news, sounds like a really good gym! Hope it works out well for you.

Thank you, can’t wait to get stuck in again!


Oh aye as av said b4 it was actually mental health reasons how come i got in2 it in the 1st place, anything else is a bonus

Yea loosing weight slowely but surely thatll do me :slight_smile:


Happy Coming Birthday @emma1, your gym sounds pretty cool.
Feeling pretty bad at the moment though, beer cravings start creeping in at around 8.00pm and usually by 10.00pm I’ve drunk 3 or 4 cans/bottles.


I’m back after about two years away - unfortunately weight has gone the wrong way and now heavier that when i thought I was at my wits end all that time ago.

Combination of things including a complete lack of willpower, but now back for another go. What other choice is there!


Hi all, I’m new to the forum. Joined as I was interested in the football, but no locations close enough for me. So thought I’d go for the accountability group once I get up to 5 posts.

A bit about me - Ive always been around 20lbs heavier than I should be, since the birth of my
first child a year ago that has crept up to 30 lbs. I struggle to have regular exercise between keeping up with work, being a dad and socialising, and I am a habitual over eater.

Both my dad and grandad got really really fat in their forties, dangerously so. Im 37 now. I want to avoid that if at all possible. Ideally id actually like to be in good shape so on target for my height and build (182lbs).

-Current Weight: 216 lbs
-Target Weight : 182 lbs
-BMI : 27

Basically I think I just need to do the things I already know are required - 1) Stop snacking 2) Reduce portion size 3) Do exercise every day. 4) Reduce drinking - but consistently and permanently adjusting to a “new normal”

I think an accountability group will help me do that, but also looking to learn new things. Recognise it will be difficult but absolutely up for the challenge!


Well done for joining, as you say we all know how to lose weight, boils down to eat less move more. It’s consistency that’s the key. I’d recommend calorie tracking to help you know you are in a deficit. Also get in one of the challenge threads, there’s loads of support and advice, people post every day, for me it’s been a huge help.