Hello everyone! New to this forum, looking to make a change as piled on a lot lately and not happy with what I’m seeing in the mirror! I’m 21, from South Wales, 6ft 2 and coming close to 21st!

Back in January last year started eating right and excercising regularly and enjoyed it but fell off the wagon after about a month or so, hoping some accountability and support will keep me on the right track!


Welcome! You will find all the support and help you can imagine here. :slight_smile: Awesome group of guys. If you really want some good accountability, look into joining one of the MVFIA Accountability Groups. You can find the thread to join here:

You are in good company here…there are lots of guys working hard to lose lots of weight. I sometimes think @admin should create a visualization of how much fat the whole ManVFat community has lost - I am sure it is approaching several large swimming pools by now.

Join in, stay active in the forums, and don’t forget to ask for help if you need it! Welcome and good luck!

(and if you get bored, go subscribe to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQqmsI0woPrM5tJBnR-jUEQ) :smiley:

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Welcome mate. Where is south Wales are you from?

Well done for making some healthy changes already and with added accountability you’ll see that it’s easier.

@smcl95 welcome to the forum! Accountability is often the thing missing that makes us fall off. Best of luck!

Yep I’m here for the accountability too ! I’ll head over to the chat :slight_smile:

Owning up to yourself is a great feeling. Sharing it here is even better! Good luck. You have a fine body of men behind you :slight_smile:

Hey guys thanks for the welcome, been really quiet, just lurking, well I take my first step back on tommorow, decided to join a gym and I’ve stocked up on good foods, I just hope my willpower will prevail! :slight_smile:

Welcome @smcl95 and good on your for not lurking anymore and getting in here!

As no one else has beaten me too it - have a scout through this - some good info in here to help -

Welcome to the forum and good luck on your journey.

My previous experiences of relying on hope and will power have ended in failure. Much better to organise things so that will power is not required. Planning meals in advance. Setting time aside for exercise. Having a diet that is sustainable etc.

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