Help! advice needed

Morning all

Newbie in here, hoping some of you may have some pearls of wisdom

I’m 40 years old, 5ft 10, weighing 104kg (16st 5lb) Looking to get down to 81kg (12st 10lb) so a significant loss. In 2017 I was around the same starting weight and embarked on a mission with a personal trainer. Through 3-4 HIIT type workouts a week for 20-30 minutes, and an overhaul of my diet, I got down to 13st 7lbs. I was looking and feeling good, the best I had in years. It took about 6 months and I was losing weight consistently

It didn’t stay off for long though - I’m not a gym/exercise lover and I do love naughty food and lager, and it crept up and up back to where I am now

My weakness is lager. I love a drink, especially after a long day at work, where I sit all day in an office job

My wife and I have made plenty of effort to start again and lose weight but it never lasts and although I’m only a few years older it seems so much harder to lose weight. I’ve decided to try and embark on a 12 week mission to absolutely smash it but in week 3 I’ve barely lost any weight and am feeling disheartened already. It’s never long before I throw in the towel and I don’t want to do that again, but it’s like it’s literally glued to me

I’ve re-engaged with my personal trainer and am just trying to replicate what I did in 2017 which was successful but it’s slow progress to say the least. I don’t want to calorie count as I’ve done that before and end up obsessing but maybe I do need to do it

I also know it’s not just about the scales but you do want to see them coming down

I reckon I’m eating around 1700 cals a day - is this too much? Too little?

Has anyone got any words of advice??

Thanks if you do - much appreciated

Is that true?

I would say so?? Like I say I’m not calorie tracking myself so can’t be 100% sure although I may need to

The other thing is I seem constantly bloated

Not feeling the love for it atm!

You don’t sound so sure lol

Here’s something to consider (lots of research backs this up) people consume about 40-50% more food than they think even when they track their intake.

Even registered dieticians consume about 30% more than they think on average

Quit bit of calorie math for you mate,

Males tend to burn about 1kcal per hour, so 104kg x 24 (women burn slightly less at about 22) = 2496 (let’s just call it 2500)

That’s how many calories your body needs to maintain it’s current weight at rest

But of course we also move during the day

So you take your resting calories and use an activty multiplier

say 1.2 for sedentry - 2.2 for super active

Most are sedentry to lightly active, so 1.4 os so is always a good baseline, let’s assume your between sedentary to lightly active

2500 x 1.4 = 3500

That’s about how many calories you body needs/uses per day to stay in it’s current state

(Which makes sense based on the rule that most people under estimate/report by 40-50%, as 1700 x 2 = 3400. Don’t feel bad, it’s not you, it’s all of us, it’s just a human thing)

If you eat more you’ll gain weight, if you eat less you’ll lose weight

Now, in 1lb of fat there’s approx 3500 calories (over 7 days that’s 500 per day)

So, in theory you should be able to lose about 1lb per week on 3000 calories (and that’#s with using sedentary numbers remember)

If you dropped to 1700, or even 2000, you’d be losing over 2lbs/1kg per week.

Best thing to do is spend 2-3 days using a food diary of litterally ANYTHING that passes your lips, not just the stuff you want to include, but everything you do consume

All the extra licks, bites & nibles, all the drinks, all the ‘that doesn’t matter it’s only small’ things etc

Give it a try mate


Nice one. Really appreciate the time you’ve taken to reply pal

I’ve tracked previously for months using the MyFitnessPal app so I know the drill with monitoring what I’m eating

Do you buy into this ‘not eating enough to lose weight?’ As that’s also been suggested.

I’m literally busting my balls when I exercise 4-5 times/week and I’ve also lost significant weight only a few years ago using the same process, which makes it all the more frustrating nothing seems to be happening right now ??

Nope, that’s literally impossible mate, when you don’t eat enough for your body to remain at it is, that’s called starvaion (dieting is controlled starvation), if you starve long enough you end up dying.

We don’t have different biology to starving nations and prisinors of war lol

Seems to me that your focus is on the exercise (which doesn’t really solve the problem) not the nutrition (which will solve the problem)

Exercise doesn’t do much for fat loss to be brutally honest mate, you might burn 300 calories in an hour of cardio based exercise, but we can scoff down a few thousand calories in seconds.

Keep in mind if you’re at home on lockdown, you’re probably moving at lot less and require even less calories that previously