Help: Hoping to attend for first time tonight... (Cardiff / Newport)


Hi everyone,

I have recently joined the pending Newport league and pleased to see it’s not far from the 30 people needed to kick it off.

In the mean time, I was hoping to attend the Cardiff league which takes place tonight (Thursday)

As it is a live league, do I have to wait until a new league is set up, or can I just ‘turn up’ once registered?

If anyone can get back to me ASAP I would really appreciate it - I know I’m leaving it late. The other side of Cardiff is a distance away from Newport and I would be gutted to turn up without having a chance to play having made such a bold decision :slight_smile:

I’ve rang up MvF and was told to expect a callback from a Cardiff organiser but thought I may get a quicker response on here.


Hello @Cr0020 - if you wish to play in both Leagues, you need to be registered in both the Newport League and the Cardiff League.

Your coach @maxnas will be in touch if you are registered into the Cardiff League, as he’s the person that will assign new players into teams.


Hi mate, shot you an email this morning :slight_smile: