HELP! With Snacking


Hi All,

I am having some real difficulty with snacking and find healthy snacks - bar the obvious fruit etc.

I am an office worker and sometimes it can be out of pure clock watching or people around me snacking etc but I feel I need something to fill that gap.

Any suggestions?



This Is my kryptonite too
I’ve tried all.
Nuts, protein bar, plain biscuits but I can’t crack it.


I have found upping your water consumption will help a lot. A rumbling tum will usually mean that you are craving some water, or actually hungry.

Drink at least a litre of water before 12 noon, if you work a normal 9-5 shift. It’ll get you off your seat nipping to the toilet at the very least!

Also, it’ll stop the nagging feeling that you are hungry. I brought my cereal into work so that I commuted to work via train, got in early and then settled down with a bowl of weetabix before cracking on with my work.

If you keep to a routine in an office, you can slowly stop your colleagues from eating all that rubbish in front of you as well!


Hi, I work at mcds as an assistant Mgr, I found it really hard at first as you get a free meal each day and need to eat , but I weighed in 0.5kg up last week it hurt me… this week I have changed me meal to a chicken wrap and carrot instead of fries and water is my drink , i feel so much better and will deffo be at a loss this week… carrots and a dip I love them :heart_eyes:

Good luck on your journey I hope you find something that helps you


I stick to breakfast biscuits in a workday.

Means there’s plenty of allowance for elevenses.

A banana & a nature valley protein bar is my current choice and means I don’t bother with lunch until 2pm.


I’ve just joined so not started yet but I’m a bus driver and don’t get set breaks as I’m on shifts and water intake will be a problem as when driving there are not toilets so can’t drink too much water any advice would be appreciated


I have found that by having something along with my porridge in the morning I am getting to lunch time a bit better

Still finding the afternoon difficult but a nice sweet snak of low cal popcorn seems to be helping and a mug shot when needed.


Sounds like the gap might not be hunger but simply a compulsion to eat from boredom or seeing tempting snacks. I found that drinking water when you feel this way can help. I’ve recently tried Fulfil protein bars; their macronutrient ratio is great and include micronutrients. One other thing is to try change your routine - it may be a certain time of day when you have downtime that your mind wanders to food or breaking the habit of reaching for a snack when others are doing it around you? Ask yourself why you feel the need to fill that gap - is it genuine hunger or is it a compulsion based on certain cues? If this is the case try address the triggers that make you feel this way.


As the others have said, water. Plenty of it. Used to have a draw full of biscuits and snacks for a 9-5 but I’ve replaced this with fruit.

Also, have it visible on your desk rather than tucked away in a draw. If you are tempted by bad stuff it helps to see the fruit there available.


Vince mentioned it & I agree - look at the time of day this happens. For me it’s late afternoon after the lunchtime gym session when my energy levels are low. I found that bringing a small container of chick peas with me helps to fill the void!


A couple of months on (Sorry about the late replies) I have found that since I have regulated the diet throughout the day and throughout the week including weekends I am finding it much easier to not only say no but find a very good alternative for example filling the gap as suggested with a water break or simply a quick stroll around to get away from my desk.

I have also found some 37cal biscuits that are nice and sweet so have one/two of these. Which is far better than my old tricks of a couple of bags of crisps and chocolate