Hi, Im Andrew and Im a fat bloke

48 years old. Low on self esteem, confidence etc… and generally making a hash (no pun intended) of what remains of this wonderful life. 14 years ago I had a mild heart attack and was weighing 143kilos, smoking, just generally abusing the privilege of being alive.

I recuperated, learnt to cook, SUCCESSFULLY quit smoking, helped bring up our daughter for 16 years; however last August I weighed myself at 145 kilos. I was waking up in a panic, heart rate all over the place. So, with the help of MyFitnessPal and our Springer Spaniel I gently exercised and calorie controlled myself down to 114.5kilo by my 48th birthday. However August 2016 has come around and I have contrived to get back up to 131 kilo. Im sick of it. I really enjoyed being slimmer, being more energetic, being more fun to be around and I am busy backing away from that.

Anyway. Would love to get involved and hope that you can help me help myself.



Welcome. Here is a link to how to get started.

Welcome! You will find a lot of support on the forums as most on here are in the same boat but we are all at different stages in the cycle - definitely recommend following that link to get yourself started.

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Welcome to the group :slight_smile:

Definitely see your way to joining one of the weight loss groups- it’s really motivating and gives you a bit of accountability.

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Hey up Andrew - welcome to the site. Totally understand about the anxiety and the misery around weight, been there, done that, got the XXL tshirt.

Take a read of this - The ultimate new member welcome post which is a good starting place for all sorts of things.

To my mind though it sounds like you know HOW to lose weight, it’s just getting that consistency and accountability so you don’t put it back on again.

Part of that is about making sure you’re losing it by making small, sustainable changes to your life rather than going on a diet. It’s also about enjoying the process so you don’t then look for something else.

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Hi @andym0205 - welcome.

I see you’ve already put your name up to join a group, definitely the way forward my friend! Good luck…

welcome to the club Andrew :slight_smile:

Cheers, I do think the idea of openness and joint accountability is something I am keen to try to get the rhythm going. Appreciate the support

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I thank you

Having seen I am in a group called trump I hope it’s the only successful trump this year.

@andym0205 hope you find the support and information you need here… It’s a great group of guys!

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Well to be fair, if you take Donald as a case study, the only way is down now so that should bode well! :smiley:

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Welcome @andym0205, you’re in the right place.

As admin says, you evidently know how to lose the weight, however just like I and many others here, you suffer from the yo-yo syndrome.

Accountability definitely helps so you’ve done the right thing in joining a group. I’m sure it’ll be falling off in no time.

Cheers. Last year I kept a daily diary to help motivate me. It worked as I kept track of the emotional side, but I just haven’t been able to get going. Hoping the group can help.

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Welcome Andrew.
Good luck with it, you have found a great resource that will help you.
Enjoy your first group and enjoy the results.

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