Hi, I'm new and looking for inspiration!

Hi everyone I’m Connor or CLB whatever you want to call me.

Basically I’ve been trying to lose my fat over the last year and it just won’t budge. The whole diet thing never works for me because I’m a very fussy eater (and I mean FUSSY. Don’t like any veg or fruit really) so any diet never works for me.

I’m only young, but my weight bothers me so I want to lose it.

I’ll come back online later so I can search the forums and have a chat (hopefully) but for now thanks to everyone that reads this and any links/advice please send them my way!

Hey Connor.

Welcome to the forums!!
You’ve made a great choice coming here, there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience that should be able to help with your current situation.

Thanks for the welcome! I’ll be sure to scroll about the forums and see if anyone is in roughly the same boat as me :slight_smile: