Hi my name is Darren


Just a note to say hello
I’m currently 5ft8 and unfortunately I’m also 18st 3-1/2

I’ve decided I need to change the way I eat and I’m going on holiday end of may so I thought I’d join up and see if I can’t change things


You’ve come to the right place, you could manage a couple of 30 days in and get yourself in the 16’s. How great would that feel and you feel a lot better.
You can do it.


Welcome mate,
Have a look at getting into a group and you’ll do great!


Welcome Darren! All the guys here are really supportive and helpful, like the others have said, join a 30 day group…really helps keep you on track.


Welcome! Best of luck on your journey! The accountability here is unmatched. Also, I definitely recommend you check this:


Get on what group.
Thanks guys.


Well yesterday I managed to get to 1600 calories so that’s what I’m going to try to aim for each day.
Does that sound close to where I should be.


Here mate.


Ooooo. Yes please. I’ll take all the help I can get



Hey @Darren1 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Well all is going well. Today I weigh in at 17st 7 1/4.

I’m happy with that.


This week I am 17st 4.5