HIIT - Anyone tried it?

I was considering trying it out for some additional exercise.
Looks like there a few formats, but basic idea is 20 or 30 second exercise, with 10 second rest. The exercise looks like it can be done anywhere, I made a note of a few, side to side and touch floor (similar to what I do in a tennis warm up), climbing rope, knees up jump with a squat, just examples. 10 minute total.

Joe wicks (bodycoach) has loads on YouTube I think on his channel. Never tried but something you can do in your living room

I follow the Body Combat series and in each week, there are two HIIT sessions (the normal sessions are massively grueling too) and they are so amazing that I hate them!
I love them really…by the end of thirty minutes I am a gibbering wreck in a pool of sweat on the floor but I feel great for the rest of the day.
There are modifications to follow are you are encouraged to take breaks and drink plenty of water throughout.

At high intensity you just burn calories in less time, low intensity takes longer, but the trade off is it’s hard to recover from & you won’t be able to do it as often as low intensity cardio

Is the “afterburn” theory true? That with HIIT, you carry on burning more calories for longer?

They say for rpm type class you burn calories for hours after. And the body pump classes

Yeah…something called the EPOC effect. The burn doesn’t seem as big as what some trainers are suggesting but there does seem to be a continued increased burn after.

I only read one article on it though. The next article could say a completely different thing,

Honestly, it’s not really something to overthink, higher intensity just saves time on a per session basis, but it takes longer to recover from.

EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) is often vastly over-sold in the fitness industry

There’s no better or worse, just personal preference & what you can adhere to :slight_smile:

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