Hinckley Leauge

Hi all,

Just looking for who has signed up for the Hinckley leauge hopefully we can get a few poeple in this thread get to know everyone have a bit of banter and support for each other

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Is that Hinckley, Leics? Not sure if there is another one but there might be.

This is the league that you have been looking for - https://www.manvfatfootball.org/hinckley

Thats the one

Ah, brilliant. Would sign up if were in the UK. Will mention to a friend or two though.

hello neilsy,
i had signed up for hinckley league.

Nice one… i havent played football properly in years im looking forward to getting stuck in although last time i played i cramped up and could barely walk im sure it will be fine see if i still got any speed in my legs haha

The league has been created to make up for the limited numbers of players from the ex Coventry (4) and Leicester(16) leagues and the people who had shown interest in a possible Nuneaton (11) league. The last update we had was 38 players signed up

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hello there, i had signed for hinckley league, i’m playing football since many years and this is the league i’ve been waiting for so long.

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I want to join the league - I had a call to tell me to expect an email - I take it that the email will include details on how to join up ? I haven’t played for a long time but I am hoping the mutual support will make getting back into exercise fun

So long as people are committed to the league for the full season, it is gunna be good to get back on the weight loss, missed the push you get from your team.

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So what will happen on the 25th on the registration do we play any football?

No football on 25th, it’s just get put in teams and then get weight, height and all the measurements done

Hi … Just signed up , live in Lutterworth but looking forward to a kick around … is the team formed yet ?

Hi @sean.clay - The registration night is on Monday, when you will find out your team mates and how the league works:-


Venue: St Francis Community Centre, Hinckley, LE10 0EQ
25/03/2019 19:00

Have a great time guys, I wish I could join you.

How’s the league going? Watching this one with interesting.
Anyone here born and raised in Hinckley since around 1974, attended Richmond, Redmoor, JCC, Hinckley College?
Just wondering if I might know anyone…PM me if you want to have a chat.

Hi All,

Just signed up to the Hinckley league so was just wondering what next steps are if anybody can point me in the right direction?