Hit the wall


I’ve hit the dreaded wall and just can’t lose weight. I’m planning on having a shake up of my diet and looking to change what I’ve been doing at the gym. Have any of you hit the wall? If so how did you smash through it? I have a big determination to get past this for myself and for my team mates, tips and tricks are most welcome


@atb88 in my group is always full of lovely motivational comments.


@TerryL …do you count calories IN and calories OUT? The numbers don’t lie. Tell us what your exercise regime is…


Food diary tracking is usually the first rule I would try. This way, you can spot patterns in your intake and then tune it up accordingly. A plateau can happen, you will very rarely get someone’s weight loss numbers to be constantly going down week after week.

Write down your food. Work out if you can substitute for a better option e.g. Leaner protein, more fruit and veg, less sugary snacks.


Who let you out of the group thread? Get back in there and give me twenty.

@TerryL - keep persevering, mate. I haven’t hit the wall yet, but when I do, I expect I’ll be monitoring everything I do - eating, drinking, exercise - and working things out to the finest of details, so calories in, calories out, etc.

Best of luck and keep trying, you’ll get there!


@TerryL Along with the advice of counting calories from the others, I’d advise changing up your routine, if it’s repetitive. I find that my body becomes used to the same exercise if it’s repeated over and over, and I see minimal gains.

If you run for long periods - cycle instead or try alternating between sprints and walks. Add 10 minutes of a new exercise (like rowing) as a break from the same exercises.

I also like to mix up a day of run/walk with a day of cardio circuit - seems to give me the best results in terms of weightloss.

Good luck