Hitting Rock Bottom

Unsure wether you would class this as off topic or not but after suffering a bad injury on Saturday at the festival (torn hammy) and then spending Monday evening in a&e ejecting kidney stones I’ve gone through a lot of physical pain this week.

But I find myself hitting rock bottom from a mental point of view and find myself getting back into old habits of depressive behaviour, my one thing that kept me going was MVF and now that I can’t play and most importantly due to petty politics going on within the league I find myself hovering over my direct debit debating if I really want to carry on or cancel it and give up on the league I fought so hard to set up and this has just left me so down which in turn has led back to bad habits and a lot of over eating and comfort eating undoing all my good work

Apologies for the depressing post but at the moment I don’t know where else to go to speak about this

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Hello davidquinnie91,

I’ve just this second joined MVF. I’m Michael. Saw your post in the forum and I’m currently at a pretty low point myself. I can empathise with you and I say - Don’t give up! Be patient.

All the best



This isn’t good. Maybe tag someone here to try get to the bottom of the petty politics. Can’t be good for everyone.
Get yourself in one of the groups here for the extra support. Plenty of experience here to help you in your way. Can’t be easy going back to those bad habits but groups will help you to be accountable


Hi David

Read this post and just thought - I haven’t posted this why are you describing EXACTLY how I’m feeling at present.

Symptoms for the injury different but otherwise identical. Injured from a deliberate challenge at the ManVFat festival 2 trips to A&E (10 hours) over 2 days (cracked and dislocated shoulder) limited movement, pain and off work - self employed.

The spiral has happened quickly - with a 4kg weight gain in one week through the comfort eating. Hovered about cancelling DD and leaving, as you have, due to disillusion of the league and philosophy of what the whole thing is about. Weight loss or COMPETITIVE Football. The consequences of the later, where lives can be affected short and possibly long term has made me seriously think about whether it is really worth it.

Luckily I have a network of support so have decided to stay and help my team mates through the weight loss off the pitch whilst I recover, I can still attend the matches and provide encouragement where needed giving me a focus in the short term. Stay with it and think of all the benefits you’ve had so far with the league and weight loss.

Injuring is the one area I think needs greater awareness and support within these forums.

Hope you have a speedy recovery. Stay strong and as Michael says be patient.