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We need to understand why we are overweight. There are several factors that can cause it:

excessive consumption of food; Even though these foods are healthy foods, they will still be stored in the form of fat if you consume too much.
lifestyle; now many people are lazy to move because everything we need can be delivered to the front door of the house, meeting other people can be online (even though they live next door), all equipment uses a remote control (to the point that they want to sweep and mop the house now just press the button) , go to the shop 100 meters from the house by motorbike because they are lazy to walk, lazy to exercise. Even in our social life, we also sit more and eat / drink high calorie. We sit more and don't actively move. With a lifestyle like this, eating regular amounts will still accumulate and over time can lead to being overweight.
hormone; stress and lack of sleep will release hormones that trigger our bodies to store more fat.
genetic; a factor that is difficult to avoid because it is a derivative factor but it is not impossible to minimize it. Usually this factor also includes eating habits or patterns at home since we were young.
certain medications or medical conditions; consult a doctor for this case.

By understanding which factors cause us to be overweight, it will be easier to find solutions.