Home workouts?

Anyone ever used any home workout routines/dvds?

Was tempted by the insanity workout to do before or after work as I’ve heard good things.

Anyone had any results with it?

I`ve used a couple of apps but here is something that may be on the level/similar to insanity (i know very little about it… heard it’s insane! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

this gets me sweating. I have an app for 1 minute beeps and changeover and stuff too

Nice one, what is the app called that you use?

I’ll have a look into the link, 15 minutes sounds ideal ha!

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Ive just started using FitBit coach. Seems ok so far, varied and adapts according to the feedback you provide.
Have tried Freeletics in the past but always struggled to maintain it. The premise is similar but a bit more intense.
Not done insanity, but worked through p90x a few years back. I really enjoyed it and got results, but 60-90 minutes a day for 90 days was a big commitment. Yet to know anybody who has made it through insanity without picking up an injury!

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That’s the worry, heard a few reports of injuries from it.

I think I’ll have a look on the app market tonight and see whats available.

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If it is purely for weight loss then ANY exercise will do. It’s about burning calories.

On non-football nights I just jump on the exercise bike whilst watching something on TV.

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Using six pack in 30 days from google play

it has excercises for losing belly fat…

You cannot target fat loss.



Les Mills Body Combat all the way baby!
I love it! And I have achieved massive results due to it.
(no I am not a rep or anything).
I really get into it as I love martial arts and boxing etc…so this is just perfect for me

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I walk around the block every week-day & lift weights at home 3-4 x per week… that’s it.

Enough to be beach ready all year round :slight_smile:

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